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The Helvetica Files (Part Three)

September 6, 2017


The log of Dr. Julius Helvetica 

Day Twenty-Five - I got more pens, and I had a realization. It's not a good one, this may tear the entire lab apart, but it must be said. Someone is using my pens.

Day Twenty-Six - MK. 5 is still racist, he was going on a tangent on how China was ruling the economy. I then pointed out that his parts were made in China, he then shutter down due a " Confliction Error". It seems if something conflicts with their personality, they ever reject it, or shut down. I took this opportunity to take out his speech synthesizer.

Day Twenty-Eight - MK. 6 is operational, he has the mind of a child. Why, I had to clean a wall of coloring, for pete's sake! Who is Pete anyhow?

Day Thirty - MK. 4 is crying over some television drama. She does this often. Other things she says are "You witch!", "You could you?!" and most frequently, "(oh dear lord censored)" 

Day Thrity-Three - MK. 3 forced people to marry other people in his show. He then made them confess their secrets, and have a kid, where they have a happy life, but they have to live with deep dark- actually this may have been that TV Drama.

Day Thirty-Four - Apparently, that TV Drama is called, "Really Sad Stuff". MK. 4 is behind, so I have yelling spoilers before they happen, just to see how she reacts. Wonder where I keep this robotic fingers....

Day Thirty-Six - We still have no idea where MK. 2 is...he is rather shy. MK.1 put himself in time-out, for...some reason, and MK. 6 is having a nap time. Weren't these assaination robots? 

Day Thirty Seven - That Drama reached a season finale, MK. 4 is writing FanFiction, with other character or herself. Who put's the self in a FanFiction?

Day Thirty-Nine - You know you these end             actually this had more ink than I tho-
More Helvetica, More Robot silliness! Comments are appreciated.


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  • Lee Fudge

    There are getting increasingly insane, like a certain other incident.

    about 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    Those robots are wacky!!!

    Looking forward to the next one!

    about 2 years ago