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By: Emmy R

I discovered it several years ago when my sister and I were lost in the woods around our lake: a small stream running through the woods in an area that, now that i think back on it, was probably in my neighbor's yard. It was small and sandy, filled with small pebbles, dirt, and leaves.  I decided to stake my claim on it and call it Riverise, based on a heavenly location in one of my favorite book series because it was a pristine body of water. 

Message to Readers

I would like subjective and grammatical feedback.

Peer Review

It's a combination of "river" and "paradise", right? It gives me a beautiful image. :)

Is this a true story? I like how you began this composition. :)

Reviewer Comments

Great job! I love the nostalgic feeling I get while reading this!
Keep up the good work!
God bless!