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18. lover of TV, movies, and comic books. sci-fi and fantasy are my loves and poetry is who i turn to at night.

Terrifying, the world i don't know

September 14, 2015

PROMPT: The Unknown

It starts with a movie, a book, sometimes a scene in a montage. It's the stars that I stare at when I need to breathe at night, away from those who strangle and hold me down. It's the diagrams of the lonely Pluto. I become more and more obsessed with the things I don't know.

How... How I wish I can comprehend that final frontier. 

I'll rage against the dying light in my world, where my feet are planted, and my head is clear. Where I can breathe in deeply and not worry about silence because there is no such thing as silence on this planet. I won't live my life shy and quiet. I will beat down those who'll raise to stop me, and thrive in the self-fufilling prophecy 16 year old me made. 

But when someone tells me about Kepler, my breatching stops and my heart beats. Saturn is beautiful, but I have no place within it's orbit. 

I know nothing about space. My feet and mind belongs here and not where the thoughts of whether or not I am significant cloud my mind endlessly. 



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