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Five Beginnings

September 14, 2015

With a Character Description:
The first thing you notice about Harold is his face.  It's not a pleasant face, but rather holds the expression a fox makes before it digs a weasel out of its hole.  

With the Weather:
    When the first gust of cold win blew into town, no one minded it.  It was just a leftover breeze from August's tornado, or maybe the remains of a northern storm.  But the winds kept blowing, and the crops began to wither.  Flocks of birds rose above the greying fields and pointed their beaks south, headed away from what only they could sense in the air.  Hats were blown from heads and scarves tugged loose, and for the first time in one-hundred-and-thirty-seven years, snow began to fall.  

With a Moment in Time:
At exactly 1:56 a.m., the window cracked open.  It opened slowly, as to prevent the creaks of old hinges that often squealed in protest.  At 1:57, a sack was flung from the second floor of the little house to land on the grass with a thud.  A pause.  When it was evident no one had heard, the end of a rope followed the sack, and then, clumsily sliding from the window, came a boy.  Not a sound was made as his feet touched the ground.  And after picking up his bag, the boy vanished into the night.  

By Planting a Question in the Reader's Mind:
In the beginning, it was only bugs.  Pattering on windows like rain, and piling up on roofs.  Then the birds started falling, their lifeless feathered wings useless now.  When dogs began to collapse, the people realized, it was only a matter of time before they started to tumble down too.  

With an Ominouse Note:
     At first, Anna told herself that the rippling, black shadow was only and illusion of the night.  As it drew closer, Anna backed away, after all, it was probably just a deer out for a midnight stroll like she was.  When deep, golden eyes blinked open, Anna's mind said one thing, run, and so she did.    


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