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goodbye wtw

September 5, 2017


dear kid,
people will try to brand you,
press the hot metal binary into your skin
and the sound of sizzling flesh still stains my eardrums
i will try to hold the fire away
away from your soft body that has not yet hardened to the world
dear kid,
let yourself love and let yourself be loved
see yourself as more than just a shattered mirror
you do not need to be fixed
you are beautiful like this
dear young queer kid,
i will always see you as human
even when you do not see yourself as one
because you are worthy of respect and love
and if anyone tells you otherwise,
that you are less that that
i will tell you every day that you are valid just the way you are
i will say that if family was no more than blood
this community if sliced open would match drop for drop
because without each other we would be splayed open
by the same people who would see us impaled
we hold each other together like stiches 
dear kid,
i’m both excited and scared for the day you begin to look like me
for my insides are breaking a boiling
and i remember the slurs that were thrown at me across pavement
but also the beautiful words handed to me by scared trembling hands
or how thick my skin has gotten from refusing to accept their insults
and i don’t know if it’s good or bad but it happens
but my heart is always on edge
i’m always ready to correct someone at any moment
but I’m starting to not have to
people will ask you to explain something
say “I don’t have to” and take back your voice
for you will need it soon

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