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Death: Taking Care of Business

September 5, 2017


Death was riding around on his motorcycle one day, when suddenly the portal to the living world opened up.

"Oh, someone died! Cool!" Death said.

Death rode through the portal and was now in a grocery store. He then say the dead body. It was women in her twenties maybe younger. He looked into his Death-Puter and saw she was Alexis Matthews. As usual he plunged his scythe into her, and her spirit came out.

"Alexis Matthews, your time is up!" Death said.

"What, so I'm dead?" She said.


"No, I can't be!" 
"No, you are, I will take you you need to go," 

"Oh, I get it," She said as she put her hand on her chin,"You don't know who I am!" 

"Uh, pardon?" Death said.

"You see I'm this ultra famous movie star, I have been doing movie since I was eight! You can't expect me to go with the likes of you!" 

Death was starting to twictch. I don't want to get angry he thought, need to remain at maximum chill.

But Alexis went on," So, Death is it? Watch you gonna do? Take me to hell?" She had a big smirk, and Death was about to wipe it off.

"Actually, yes," Death said.

"See I kne- wait what?" Alexis looked scared.

"You see, a person is judged by what they do in life. They ever end up with Raymond, or as you know him, God, or Lucifer. Guess where you ended up..." Death said with the biggest smile.

"W-w-what did I do?" Alexis was starting to cry now.

"Oh, you'll be told soon enough, but for now.." He said as he lifted his scythe," Alexis Matthews, YOUR COMING WITH ME!" 

Death hit hit his sycthe into her spirit, and it went into it's blade.

Death smilies, he didn't have to get mad today.

Let's see you like this! Comments are appreciated.


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