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Katie Ledecky for the Win

September 17, 2017

    I anxiously sat on the couch with my family in front of our TV. The event swimming was going on and all I wanted to do was soak in what was happening. And I was rooting for Katie Ledecky.I was from the United States of America after all but that was not necessarily why I wanted her to win so passionately. Katie Ledecky is the perfect image of hard work and beauty in women. She once said, "What you put in, is what you get out." I think that is amazing. She surely understands that statement more than most. As a teenager she was winning medals in London and I've always wanted to be her.
    In Rio De Janerio, as the Olympian swimmers lined up for the women's 800m freestyle final I was sure my heart was going to jump out of my chest. I love to swim with a passion and Katie Ledecky, in my humble opinion, was the most fun person to watch. The way she ate up the pool with seeming ease was very appealing to my eyes. I loved to watch people swim, to learn their techniques was fascinating to me. The contestants dove in and began to swim with all of their hearts. I was assuming that this race was going to be tight and have us one the edges of our chairs. I couldn't wait for the suspense. However, I was to be proved wrong, although, I could not wish for better.I would not have traded the world to not see this amazing moment and I think that Katie Ledecky could easily say the same.
    Only into the first lap, Katie Ledecky was almost a second ahead of the runner up. She gained with astonishing speed leaving others in her spray. By the second lap, she was two seconds ahead. Then over two. I was amazed. It was early in the race and she was only gaining. Olympians often win by only hundredths of a second but this was phenomenal. By the fourth, she was a small amount ahead of her own world record and almost three seconds in front of everybody else. I watched in excitement and astonishment as she flipped at the wall, a second over the world record and more than three seconds over all others. My mouth was open when she reached over four seconds. She was eating up the laps and seemingly with ease. When she reached five seconds over the other swimmers and nearly two seconds above the world record I was about ready to faint in shock. Somehow this girl was still gaining meters. I'm pretty sure that everybody else was vying for second at that point. It was useless to think that they could beat Katie Ledecky at the point she was at. She hits the wall almost six seconds ahead of the second person, an extraordinary feat in the Olympics. In order to keep the camera up with Katie Ledecky, they stop showing the other's times. I'm wondering how far she is ahead of the others. This is truly shocking. Katie Ledecky is starting to pass the slower people halfway down the pool. On the final lap, everybody knows who will win.
    Everyone is so far behind and she is so far ahead, there is no doubt. Now, she is just racing herself and no one knows what will happen. She could easily lose that two seconds if she slows even a little but she is looking good. To no one's surprise but everybody's excitement, she wins against herself. She beats her own world record by a little over two seconds. I impatiently wait to see the final scores. Katie Ledecky wins, nearly 14 seconds ahead of the others. It was a phenomenal win and Katie Ledecky admitted that she'd never been closer to puking during a race.

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