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Graveyard Of Broken Nightmares (Clarisse's Story, Par.13)

September 7, 2017



      After the speech, she decided to take a few days off. You know, go say 'Wassup' to Poseidon over at the beach or something- JUST KIDDING! Did you think Clarisse would leave when there was about to be a huge battle?! She was on top of that sucker! When Clarisse finished getting her armor all strapped on her, she told everyone else to do the same.
​"Suit up, everyone! This battle wont win themselves!" she yelled, her voice going unheard across the entire front of the camp, where all the campers stood. Even Ryker and Jake were included. They were either sharpening swords, or telling the Hermes cabin that everyone has there own. Not like they didn't already know that though. Clarisse sighed with satisfactory as Chiron trotted over, watching her progress.
​"Very good, La Rue. This doesn't look that shabby at all!"
​Clarisse failed to hide her smile, which was what normally would happen these days.
​"Don't act to surprised!" she said with a playful smirk. When Chiron left, Ryker and Jake ran up to her, both having a very panicked look upon their faces.
​"Um...happen to know where the Apollo cabin is? Someone actually thought that the shield was a Frisbee."
​Clarisse sighed, rolling her eyes, as she looked over to see Leo Valdez unconcius on the ground.
​Clarisse sent Ryker to find Will Solace, while her and Jake went on a lunch break.
​"So," Jake said, enjoying his sandwich, "You at least a little bit worried for the battle? I heard some stuff was about to go down."
​Clarisse raised an eyebrow at him. "Who said that?"
​"The queens of gossip."
Clarisse nodded slowly.
​"​Aphrodite's miscreants...I'll remember that. And to answer your question, my good friend, Clarisse La Rue, has never been a coward in battle!" she exclaimed, shoving a finger into the air with a smirk.
Jake held his hands up in surrender.
​"Alright, alright. Sorry for suspecting that something might be wrong with my ​best buddie."
​Clarisse laughed as he emphasized the last words like it were so important. Before she could respond, the interrupting conch horn did its work. She and Jake shot up from their places, and ran for the fields were everyone was.
​  Ryker appeared at her side in the field.
​"Okay know whatever happens...we have each other, right?"
​She looked over at him.
Ryker looked over at her, his eyes full of regret.
​   Clarisse led everyone to their battleground. She made everyone have their swords handy, and their armor ​not​ crooked. So, she had to fix Percy's about fifteen or so times. When they arrived, Ryker and her spilt apart into two different attack teams. She was leader A, and he was B. Though, she really wanted to name him Voldemort. What a shame.
​Clarisse waited for a signal. When she didn't receive one, she decided that the huge foot that landed in front of her was a good enough one.
​"CHARGE!" She cried, her voice swarming everyone's ears to be heard.
Ryker's team charged forth, accompanied by Clarisse's soldiers. But Clarisse decided to do her dirty work alone. That way, she could do it her way. She sliced her way through one of the giants while Ryker's team were battling against a thirty headed hydra. Clarisse's team took on the drakons, hellhounds, and others that you could barely read the name, little less pronounce it correctly.
She killed another giant.
​"Hah! Take that you oversized Panopts!"
​(Raise your hand if you understand this reference! No one? it.)
​Clarisse pushed a grin off her face when she felt a piercing pain in her side. She looked over to see an arrow, stuck in her waist. She swallowed her scream, and threw her dagger at the monster who dared to cause her this much pain.
​  Ryker on the other hand, was having his very own war. He swung his sword so many times at the hellhound, that he thought it was invisible. The hellhound couldn't be hurt by sword, so Ryker decided to pull a Hercules on him. He did a flip, and landed on the hounds back. (Don't worry, their huge. And they ain't cute, either.)
​The hellhound struggled, acted like a bull, and slung Ryker off of its back. Which was not good. He flew high into the air, and landed with a splash into the middle of the sea. He couldn't move.
​   Clarisse let her scream out when Will Solace finished up her wound. She thanked him before returning to the battle field. But when she got there, all of the monsters had already retreated. She looked over the field with pride in her eyes, the feeling of victory swimming through her veins. But that all faded away when Sadie came running over to Clarisse.
​"Clarisse.." she said panting, "Ryker...we cant find Ryker.."
​Clarisse's heart skipped a beat as her eyes darted across the field, unable to spot him.
​Ryker watched the sunlight disappear from his sight every time he sank deeper. His body was in so much pain, he couldn't feel anything. All he could feel, was the water pinching his skin with the coldness of it. He sank slowly, silently saying his goodbyes.
​Farewell, Oracle. Who has given me this horrible fate.
​Farewell Clarisse, whom I shall still love forever.
​Farewell Jean and Sadie, who has been the best of company in our tiny cabin.
​Farewell father. I know you wont miss me.
​Farewell whoever the heck my mother is. It was nice to be here while it lasted.

​Before he could continue on his list, he heard the same voice of Delphi he heard in the cave echoing throughout the sea.
"​Do not fail them, because if you do, all shall be lost in the seas of the dead. And with their final breath, they shall sing, what they have wanted to say forever."
​Ryker's eyes closed, bubbles swimming to the surface. But then, something else joined Ryker in the sea. Someone else. The goddess.
​Artemis smiled weakly down at Ryker, pulling him to the surface.
​" have saved us my son. You saved ​me."
​Ryker's eyes remained close, but a smile appeared on his face.
​"I' you in the Graveyard...mother.."
​Artemis wept as her son started fading away slowly, until all that was left was his dagger. Before this moment could get worse for Artemis, her twin Apollo showed up, and brought her back to their newly saved home.
  Clarisse, remembering the prophecy, ran to the shore of the sea.
​"RYKER!" she screamed, unaware that he was no where he could hear her. Not now.
​She ran halfway in the water. She screamed out his names several times, but still nothing.
​"You promised me! We'd always be here for each other!" she yelled, her voice echoing across the top of the water.
​  But all she got, was the wind responding. It was the same one her and Ryker had experienced that morning down by the lake. This morning. Inside, she felt more alive, but with sorrow. Little did Clarisse know, that Artemis was sending these winds with her pal Alious to give Clarisse the comfort no one could. But even Artemis couldn't make Clarisse stop crying. She fell into the waves, and cried for hours until someone found her, and brought her back to camp. That night, Clarisse sat by the window of her cabin, and watched the lake, hoping things would bring him back. Poseidon for all she cared! But nothing happened. So she ended up sitting there, until she fell asleep. You know what is really strange? Clarisse didn't have a single dream that night.
​   Meanwhile, Ryker was floating through the air. Well...falling. But still, it wasn't as bad as falling into Tartarus or anything. Artemis appeared, and Ryker's scene changed into what looked like the worlds biggest graveyard of all time.
​"Welcome to The Words Biggest Graveyard of All Time!" Artemis said, helping Ryker to his feet.
He looked around, gaping.
​"Wow...why are we here?"
Artemis sighed.
​"Well, you weren't supposed to die. Or you were, but you weren't supposed to​...and I am to blame for that. My brother could have helped as well."
​Up above, Apollo scoffed in his chariot that was in park mode.
​"Why do you have to drag me into everything?!"
​She rolled her eyes before she continued.
"​ANWAYS, ​I thought since you know-your dead, you could visit someone else whos here with you right now."
Ryker's heart skipped a beat.
​" you mean?"
​She stepped out of the way. Behind her stood Ryker's grandmother, the one from his memories and all of his dreams. His eyes filled of tears when she walked towards him, reaching out with her hand for his face. When her hand met his cheek, she disappeared. But somehow, Ryker still felt as happy as he did when she was there. Artemis smiled, and gestured her hand behind her.
​"You haven't forgotten about your best friend, now did you?"
Ryker breathed in, watching Sam walk towards him.
​"'re dead?"
​Sam smiled, showing the scar streaking across his chest.
​"A giant...he tore out my heart. I don't really remember you, I'm sorry."
​Ryker stood there dumbfounded. He...doesn't remember me?
​"Sam...wh-what are you talking about?"
​Artemis stepped back to give them some room.
​"Well, I've been told that my memory was supposed to be wiped when I died. Weird, huh? How do I know you?"
Ryker blinked back tears.
​"You were my best friend when I was a little kid...when I had no one, I had you."
​Sam stared at him.
​   Clarisse awoke to the sound of singing. She shot up from her chair, and literally sprinted to the lake. She stopped in front of it, breathing heavily to see that nothing had changed. She stared at the water, a single tear dragging its way down her cheek.
​"Ryker..its not funny. It never was. I want you back...I'm sorry for being so selfish," she started whispering to the waves, "When we first met, I felt like it was love at first sight. Hehe, just kidding. I really felt like punching you ever since you asked me for a pencil. But as the days grew, I noticed how I couldn't stop my eyes from watching you. I remember always wanting to be by your side. But you know what? None of that matters now because I fear that I wont ever see you AGAIN!" she yelled through tears.
​  She fell to her knees, crying. Artemis saw her, an frowned.
​"That ain't good..." she told herself.
   Ryker stood there, sadness filling up inside of him.
​"You really don't remember me, do you..?" he asked.
Sam shook his head.
​"I-I'm sorry, friend. I don't at all."
Before Ryker said anything, the words of the prophecy started swimming through his head.
Don't believe what the old woman says.
​For if you do, you shall loose all.
​Your love will vanish.
​Your heart will hate.
You may never smile again.
Ryker teared up. He knew then, that he had just lost his best friend.
​  Descending from the sky, Artemis and Apollo met Ryker and Sam down by the trees.
​"Ryker Stone, I think it's time for you to leave."
​Ryker raised an eyebrow at her.
​"Leave? What are you talking-"
​"We never planned to keep you dead," she explained, "We just wanted you to see your friend again...before the future arrives. But that's a whole other topic. Don't you want to go see Clarisse?"
​His eyes widened at her.
​"I can...see her again?"
​She nodded. With no more words exchanged, Apollo beeped his sun chariot.
​"Come on people, move it along! I have a sunset to attend!"
​Ryker chuckled as he walked forward with Artemis. But then, he turned back around to see Sam. His friend. Best friend. With his golden hair, and his olive skin, and his kind and open heart, could he just leave his friend there?
​Sam, without another word, walked away into the forest.
​"Sam..." Ryker whispered, the sadness stinging his soul.
​Apollo beeped the horn once more, before Ryker and Artemis rode in the backseat to go see his love again.
​   Clarisse sighed, standing up by the lake.
​"I'm so pathetic. I bet you'd be laughing right now..."
​Behind her, a voice began laughing louder and louder, until a hand was placed on her shoulder.
Next thing Clarisse knew, she had judo flipped the person onto the ground.
​"Ack..." Ryker squeaked out.
​Clarisse gasped, helping him up.
​"RYKER!!" she screamed.
​She jumped into his arms, and he spun her around in the air laughing. He pulled back to look at her face.
​"I promised. I wasn't ever going to leave you."
​She smiled as he set her down. Then she smacked him.
​Apollo laughed out loud from the parked chariot in the sky, his voice echoing out.
​"CALLED IT!" he yelled.
​Ryker grinned at Clarisse.
​Ryker pulled Clarisse into a kiss. She smiled, relaxing into his embrace.
​"I missed you Ryker..." she muttered against his sweater.
​He smiled.
​"I missed you to, sweetheart."
​   Down in Nyx's cave, she was furious. He was supposed to die! That's what the prophecy had said!
​"Ugh! I hate everything!"
​In the back, her henchmen frowned.
​"She said she loved everything yesterday...what a weird woman.." one muttered.
​Nyx scowled at the live footage of Clarisse and Ryker.
​"Ah....but I still have one more way..." she thought aloud.
​Nyx snapped her fingers, and a black hole appeared. And who stepped out, was even more shocking.
​"Sam Butler."
​Sam looked over at Nyx, with a wicked grin.
​"We meet again, master. What task do you have for me today?"
​She grinned the widest she had in days.
​"​Kill Ryker Stone."
​    Artemis was sitting in the sun chariot, admiring her beautiful stars, when she got a flashback of the prophecy.
Don't over look those in your head,
​don't go thinking that your new friend is dead.

​She gasped aloud, making Apollo spill his Dr.Pepper all over his new robe.
​"AH!" he yelped, shooting her an evil glare.
​"Sam....SAM IS ALIVE!"
​Apollo leaned back in his seat.
​"I miss everything..."
​(Funny....that's what Leo Valdez always says. Want a Flash back with Apollo and Leo teaming up against a huge quest? Ask for it in the comments! I'll be checking.)
​(Oh, and be sure to let me know if I got you....cause I'm just warming up.)
this link is amazing love you guys ;) you know what to do XD Love you all!
​(Hey Lil K) :)
A son of the shadows is no more,
​but your still danger, that's for sure.
​Don't over look those in your head,
​don't go thinking that your new friend is dead.
​ Don't believe what the old woman says.
​For if you do, you shall loose all.
​Your love will vanish.
​Your heart will hate.
You may never smile again.
​  The gods look upon you.
​Their fate is held with you.
​Do not fail them,
because if you do,
​the love you may have now,
​shall be lost in the seas of the dead.
​And with their final breath, they shall sing,
​what they have wanted to say forever.


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