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The High School Ghost (Part Four)

September 4, 2017


The next day, that girl showed me a picture of someone.

"What hang on did you actually draw a picture...?" I said.

"Yes, your a monster you know that?" She said.

"Well no, I pretty much lost my memory after I died, all I remember is that I was a serial killer," I said.

"Wait, so you don't know why you killed all those people?" She said, suprised.


"That means you don't have to kill anyone!" She yelled.

"Uh...no, I'm still killing people," I said.

"But, you don't have-" 

She was interrupted by a large portal opening, and then a dude on a motorcycle rode out. He stopped at where the bully leader's body was.

"What are you looking at?" The girl asked.

I saw this dude had a cloak and a scythe, this was Death. 
He plunged his scythe into the leader's body, and his spirit came out.

"Eric Summerset, your time has ended, man." Death said in a gravely voice. Wait did he say... "man"?

"What, I can't be dead!" Eric said.

"No, dude, your, like, mega dead," Death said.

He sounded more...causal then Imthought he would be.

"But, what about my career?" Eric said.

"Uh, what career, dude?" Death said.

"Duh, my football career!" Eric said, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"It's over, your dead," Death said.

"My girl?" Eric said.

"You think she actually liked you? Dude, she was totally riding your popularity to become the most popular girl in school," 

Death is cold. I like him.

The girl was still trying to talk to me.

"What about college?" Eric was getting desperate.

"How did you think you'd get into college? Let me guess your "career"?" Death began," Dude, They look at your grades too, and you somehow got less than an illiterate toad."

"What about my life man it was going so..." 

"Shut up," Death said.


"Just shut up, you would never get any where in life, you would probably not even get into a football team, because of your STUPID, INSIGNIFICANT, LITTLE, LIFE,

Death can get terrifying.

"Man, you ruined my chill man, well whatever," He lifted up his sycthe," Eric Summerset, YOUR COMING WITH ME!"

He then hit his scythe into his spirit, and his spirit went into his scythe.

"Geez,  I had hoped I didn't get angry, so in cool," He said to himself. 

He then saw me did that finger gun thing, and the clicked his things. He then hopped on his motorcycle and then rode back into the portal.

Death is so cool.

Just so you know, the bold font is Deaths's angry voice. Comments are appreciated!


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