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The Helvectica Files (Part Two)

September 4, 2017


The log Dr. Julius Helvetica. 

Day Fifteen - Finally got some new pens, those dang things. Progress is slow, all of the Markes haven't done much MK. 4 will be ready soon.

Day Sixteen - MK. 4 seems to be a stereotypical teenage girl. Not like real stereotypical, like movie teenage girl sterotypical. She likes those trashy teen romance books and movies, they all seem to have shirtless young men. Some are so young I feel like I am some sort of watchlist now. She ( Still sailing gender here.) is currently writing fan fiction about her favorites. Let's hope certain parts of puberty don't effect her.

Day Nineteen - MK. 4 is more effienct at killing then I though she would be. There is one flaw, she won't shut up. Due to the fact all the Helvectica models appearances on there personality and/or killing efficiency, she looks like a girl, therefore, she thinks she is a human. She seems to develop crushes every week, and she won't shut up about them. It's to bad I can't restart her.

Day Twenty-One - MK. 1's battery died again. He is powered with dial up, which is extremely inefficient. I may have to work on that. MK. 3's show is getting increasingly violent, which shows how much he loves violence. I am not sure where MK. 2 is, but he keeps leaving dead mice, akin to a cat. MK. 4 is starting to notice she's a robot, and now she's in an existential crisis. MK. 5 is being created now. This may turn out badly.

Day Twenty-Two - MK. 5 is racist. That's all I have to say about him.

Day Twenty-Four - Okay with my luck with pens this one will run out of-
I like this story, I hope you like it and my other stories as well.


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  • Lee Fudge

    It's fine.

    over 2 years ago
  • Glytch Montoya

    "MK. 5 is racist. That's all I have to say about him."
    I'm not a fan of MK. 5, but MK. 3 sounds like he would be an interesting TV personality!

    Great work, by the way. (Sorry it took me so long to get around to reading it.)

    over 2 years ago