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The Bad Ones: Chapter One

September 4, 2017


  "Jenna, can you come over tonight?" My best friend, Lisa, asked over the phone, excitement in her voice. 

   I sighed, I didn't want to admit to her why I couldn't come. "I can't, I'm uh grounded..." I lied. I wish so bad I was grounded!  

  "Oh. Ok." Lisa sounded disappointed. I felt bad making her this disappointed yet again, and for lying. I guess compared to the other stuff I had to feel bad about I shouldn't feel that bad about this, but I did. 

   "Sorry, maybe next week?" Not likely, but I'd try. 

  "Yeah, ok. Stop getting in trouble Jen!" She chastised me. I wished it were that easy!  

  I laughed. "I'll try, I gotta go now I'll talk to you later, bye." I hung up. 

   What I didn't tell her was that I had to go because he was here... The man who had been forcing me to do stuff for him on death threats to my family. I walked reluctantly outside and over to him, trying not to gag at his disgusting sweaty rotten smell and the fact that just thinking of him was revolting, never mind seeing him. 

  "Hey Jenna, got plans for ya tonight." He said in his rough voice and grinned.

   Great... Just great... "What sort of plans?" I asked cautiously. In no way could this be good. 

  His grin widened. "I got some guy who I owe money, only I don't wanna pay. So I'm sendin ya over to kill him."

   I was stunned, kill someone? Usually he just had me steal stuff or something like that. I could go to jail for life for that! But then again, he didn't care. I was just a tool. 

  Apparently my shock showed on my face, because he added, "Unless you rather your fam die, they'd do also." 

   "Ok," I said quickly. "I'll do it..." I couldn't let anything happen to them. I'd never forgive myself if anything happened to them, how could I live without Mom's loving smile and Dad's firm hugs and even Alex, pain in the neck that he was. 

"Let's git goin then." He led me off into the forest, and I followed with a feeling of dread, wishing that I could just die. 


  I jumped out  a window and ran, hearing the sirens getting nearer. There was blood on my hands, and I was clutching a knife. If I was seen, there was no way I wouldn't be the obvious murderer. 
  The sight of the man I'd killed staring at me in horror, pleading for his life, then laying slumped against the wall with the knife in his stomach and blood dribbling out of his mouth was still burned into my mind. Playing on endless repeat. I felt like screaming, crying, collapsing and never moving again. I hated myself for this! But no, I ran. I ran towards home, to stay out of jail. 

  As I dashed into the trees, I saw the shaggy grey beard of the man who'd put me in this position. I was tempted to throw the knife into his back, but he'd said he had friends who would hunt me down if I ever killed him, so I didn't. Only imagined it. I already had one murder on my conscience though, I doubted I wanted to hold another anyway, though seemingly it would help many people. 

  "Hey, you gonna help me escape?" I hissed. After ruining all my self-esteem and peace in life it was the least he could do. 

  "Nope. Good luck." He grinned and walked away. Of course, I was just a tool. So why would he help me? 

  I growled in frustration and ran faster as I heard footsteps behind me. I was far enough ahead that I got into my house before the police could see. 

  I was washing the blood off my hands when the police knocked on the door. My goodness, blood doesn't wash off easy! The knocking became more insistent, but my hands were finally clean enough.

   In order to explain how long it'd taken me to come, I quickly got my hair wet and took off most of my clothes, wrapping myself in a towel instead. I felt sick with both dread and disgust, of what might happen and what I'd done. 

  I ran to the door and opened it. "Hello? What's the matter?" I asked in my best imitation of surprise. I was a good liar and fooled them. "Hello miss, there might be a murderer hiding in your house. May we have a look around?"  Oh yes, and you're staring at her! Of course look around, she's hiding in plain sight. 

  "A murderer?!" I widened my eyes. "Yes, of course officer! Come on in." I stepped out of the doorway and led them in. 

  I stood by the door, watching them complete the search while pretending to be concerned. Concerned for other reasons than I was, that is. I really didn't know whether I wanted to be caught or not. If it'd clear my conscience or not to be caught. But I couldn't, I could never let my family know what a horrible person they lived with. 

  It turned out that having my hair wet saved me. My hair was honey brown, but when it was wet it looked more dark chocolate brown. Anyways, one of the officers had snapped a picture of the back of me and had seen both my hair and clothes. So taking a shower had been the perfect cover... I'd thrown my clothes away and buried them in toilet paper, the knife hidden under my towel. 

  One of the officers came over to me. "Seems to be safe, thank you for your patience and cooperation."

  I nodded to them as they trooped back out, not needing to feign relief. Also thankful that my parents worked the night shifts and I didn't need to worry about them. I didn't need them worried about the murder hiding under their noses. 


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    I can't wait for the next one.

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