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Peter Reinart: Defense Attoreny (Part Three)

September 4, 2017


Peter went to see the Super Convict Dennis Welles. They were in a room in the prison, were they could talk.

"So, I heard you need a defense attorney," Peter said.

Welles was silent. He looked like a stereotypical trouble youth. 

"So, uh, what are being charged with?" 

"Serial Vandalism," Welles said.

"Oh, that's not so bad...who's suing you?" 

"Pretty much every church in the Roswell area," 

"Oh, that's not so..."

"I did it man," 

"Well do you want to go to jail?"

"A) I'm already in jail and B) it would be nice to get out," 

"Okay, I can get you out," 

"But the evidence man!" 

"Oh, we can spin this somehow," Peter said smiling.


"All rise for the honorable Judge Farris," The bailiff said.

The Judge walked out, Peter never actually noticed how short he was in comparison to his beard.

"You may be seated," The Judge said," All yes, this is a class action lawsuit, correct?" 

"Yes, Your Honor," The bailiff said.

"Okay then, Mr. Reinart, you may make your opening statement," The Judge said.

Reinart stood up, and said," Well, Your Honor,  I must begin by saying my client says he did this," 

"He looks like he did too," 

"Exactly my point! People are placing stereotypes on this poor man! The church has no right to even accuse him!" 

"Okay then, Prosecutor Orson, your opening statement please," 

"Well, Your Honor..." He said in the most southern accent ever," This man has defaced mostly,ever church in the Roswell area, and I have many witnesses and evidence to back that up," 

"I like both of those things, especially in this sorts thing," 

The trial will mark the beginning of Reinart's corruption.
Well, it's getting better is it not? Comments are appreciated, as always!


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