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Peter Reinart: Defense Attorney (Part Two)

September 4, 2017


Peter was in his house, when suddenly his brother, Caine, came out of his room.

"We're out of milk," He said.

"Why are you still here?" Peter asked. 

"Cause, I don't have a job," 

"Well, why aren't you trying to get one?" 

"Unemployment checks, they keep me alive man,"

"No, I keep you alive, how are you even eligible for them?" 

"I must be very lucky, my man," 

"Whatever, let's see what's on the news," 

Peter turned on the tv, and turned it to the news.

"Super Convict Dennis Welles, will be put on trial this Thursday," The news anchor said.

"The hecks a Super Convict?" Caine asked.

"Oh, that's a classification of a criminal now, due to the influx of crime in the world," Peter said.

"Welles seems to not have a defense attorney, which could spell his doom," The anchor continued.

"He needs a defense attorney?" Peter said.

"In other news, due to all the counterfeit unemployment checks, all people with them are going to be inspected," The anchor said.

Caine, who looked really nervous all of a sudden, looked at his brother.

"I need to get a job, can you-" He began.

But Peter went to meet a potential client.


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