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Peter Reinart: Defense Attorney (Part One)

September 3, 2017


"These dang immigrants, taking our jobs," A man yelled in his seat.

"But, you're an immigrant," A another man said.

"Why do you say that!?" The first man said.

"Uh, you're Mexican, your are literally being tried for illegally entering the country, right now," The other man said.

In fact the first man, claiming to be named "Todd T. American" was in fact on trial. The other man, was defense attorney Peter Reinart, on the side of the State of New Mexico. Reinart at this point was not corrupt, he was just starting his career, making news when he proved a six-fingered guy killed someone. Now he had to prove that "American" had entered the country illegally. 

"So, Mr American, what is your dads name?" Reinart asked.

"Real American," Was the reply.

"And your mother?" 

"A. Real American," 

"Let me guess the "A" stands for nothing?" 

"No it, stands for also,"

"Your Honor, this man is not even trying," Reinart said.

"Indeed, you seem to be right," The Judge said.

"What's your real name?" Reinart asked the man.

"It means "lawyer killer" in your filthy language!" He said.

"Well my brother's name is Caine, which means," My parents really like CSI"," 

"I am prepared for my verdict," The Judge began," in the case of New Mexico vs. American, I rule in favor of New Mexico," He then banged his gavel," Court is Adjourned!"

Reinart was walking back to his office.

Crime's been going up lately, honestly that has changed even before I became a defense attorney, he thought.

I wonder I can do.

He then walked to his office, got his paperwork and then went home.

I totally forgot to thank Glytch Montoya for inspiration on that six fingered murderer last story, so thanks for that!


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1 Comment
  • RedWriter

    This is funny! Really good. You put " where there shouldn't be though, just a heads up.

    about 2 years ago