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The High School Ghost (Part Three)

September 3, 2017


The meeting room was a large room, with a large table and many chairs, you know like a meeting room.

At the head of the table, the school principal was sitting, looking very formal. In fact everyone like, the students, wore a uniform.

"So, what is the meeting about Edwards, and why are you still here?" The Principal asked.

"The Carter Investigation isn't over." Edwards said.

I was shocked. Carter...did he mean...me? Everyone else seem shocked except one lady.

"What's the Carter Imvestigation?" She asked.

"Mrs. Taft is new, please brief her," The Principal said.

"Very well, Daniel Carter, a student attending here, was a serial killer," Edwards began.

"He had a very specific M.O., he only killed bullies, abusers, convicts, and the like. How he found out about them is unknown." 

"But, he's dead now, we found his body after a class, what is going on to keep you here?" The Principal asked.

"I believe after the deat of a bully here, he may have turned into a ghost," Edwards said.

I was rather shocked to say the least, so shocked I just imstictivly left the room.

There was a girl there, She had a school uniform and brown hair.

"I can see you, you known," She said.

"Can you now?" I asked shocked.

"I...saw what you did to Eric," She said.

"Oh that bully? Did you hear what they were talking about?"

She nodded.

"It's polite to eavesdrop, you know," I said.

"Don't try to play it off!" She yelled. This suprised me.

"Do you even think of what you do causes?!" She asked.

I thought about and at that my moment, pieces of my life came together.

I did in fact kill many people and for one reason....

"Peace," I told her.

"W-what?" She said.

"Everyone of those people I killed? They all had tormented someone or people. I gave them peace,"

"What are you...?" 

"You know, peace of mind, peace in general, that sorta thing," I explained.

"B-but they could of changed..." She said.

"Why are you sensitive about this?" I asked.

"You killed the person closest to me," She said.

"I killed a great many of those," I said, as I started to leave, "Why don't you draw a picture and maybe I'll remember,"

Part three, this was fun to write. Hope you enjoyed so far.


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