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The High School Ghost (Part Two)

September 3, 2017


I followed the class out, but I had no intention of following them. I have an odd sense of..hat when I'm around them.

When I was walking around, I saw that large dude that was sitting on my corpse being picked on by a bunch of bullies.

"Give it back you guys!" He said.

The tallest one, who was obviously there leader, was carrying a microscope up over his head.

"You carrying this to class?" He said.

"No it's my own..." The large dude said.

"You brought this to school? That's so nerdy!" The leader said.

After this went for little bit, I felt like I had to do something, like it was my life's calling. So I possessed the microscope and wobbled it around. The leader lost his grip of it and then it, fell on his head.

"Dude, you can't carry that? It's so...so....oh, God," One of his minion looked and the other realized what happened.

The leader had died, and I killed him.

And I felt so good, like I had done before....but what if I had?

An adult saw this, left, and came back with another adult.

"What happened here?" The other adult said.

"That zoomy dealy fell on his, uh who are you?" One of his minions aid.

"Dectective Edwards," He said. It's strange, it seems he was already here.

"You think this has to do with..?" The other adult began but Edwards stopped her.

"Not in front of them, get all the faculty to the meeting room,"

Maybe I'll attend this little meeting.

Part Two, let's where this goes.


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