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The High School Ghost

September 3, 2017


Part One.

If you are dead for over twelve hours, and no one notices does anyone care? You see I have died in a desk when I was ther after school, and you'd think people would move, or see, or be suprised, but....

Class is in session right now.

No one seems to have noticed, I mean someone is sitting on my corpse right now!

I mean, I guess I'm a ghost now, so that means I have some business to take of, but...

I have no idea who I am.
So, I have to figure out who I am, to figure out my business, then figure out how to finish.

So let's start on how I died, shall we?

As I said, it was after school, and...I was sitting at a desk...and that's all I remember.

Oh! Maybe ifI looked at my corpse I an figure out how I died!

But, there's that dude sitting on me though, he's too...large for me to get a good look at me...

Maybe if....

My spiritual body went into the desk he was sitting at, as it was taking the shape of it, then I realized.

I can possess objects!

I started to make the desk shake, making the desk creak. The teacher didn't seem to notice probably thinking the large dude was just repositioning himself. Until finally, he fell off...

The whole class started laughing at him, he looked embarrassed, but I don't care. I am in a much worse situation than him.

My corpse doesn't have much on how I died, but it did have a name tag.

I am Daniel Carter, age seventeen, now deceased. So I was a high school student. I wonder if my parents are aware or even worried. Speaking of... no has still noticed my corpse. What's going on here?  

Maybe I have to get there attention. I know just how to do it. 

The teacher is using a projector, so if I posses it.

I posted it and, it appeared I showed up on the screen. Not the effect I was going for, but it was effective.

Maybe a little to effective, the whole class got spooked, some even saying he looked familiar.

However, the bell rang and the class left, and I decided to go with them and explore the school.

A story that someone may like.


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  • Lee Fudge

    I have written other parts of this, if you wish to read them.

    about 2 years ago
  • Aravis Tarkheena

    This is a very interesting idea, I want to see where it goes.

    about 2 years ago