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A writer who wants to be an actor who wants to be a poet. I wrote a novel and haven't read it since.
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I know that this was not exactly what the prompt was asking, but I loved thinking of the quiet times in the night, not as being silent, but being a puplic place filled with noise and subtle hubbub.

Night sounds

September 12, 2015

The cricket drones
and an eternity passes.
As the night whispers on the ground below,
perched forever behind the star soaked curtain of sky.
And a rain drips from the old gutters
to my window sill
and onto the ground below.
You may hear the murmuring conversations
behind the windows of home.
A wisp of music
drifting on wind and mist,
caught in the dewy grass.
This world, half asleep,
falling into the arms of unconscious thought
and dreamless sleep
is a symphony. 


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