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Hi there, I'm Ananya and I'm 13. I like to write (obviously). I also like to think I'm a funny person, but usually I'm the only one who knows I made a joke. I hope we become good friends:)

Message to Readers

My work probably doesn't even follow te prompt directions, but I tried my best. I hope you like it, and if you don't please tell me why you don't. I'm always up for feedback:)

Hurting Your Mother

September 3, 2017

I am the home to the hearts that thump, the plants that grow, the air that is breathed. I am everywhere, so full of light and shining so bright. The most important, the most loved. Or so I thought.

They call me many things, mother is my favorite. Little did I know this was all a lie. After all, if they really loved me they wouldn't hurt me. 

They gave me a name, worshipped me. I favored them the most. Gave them everything they needed, made them the best and the strongest. How fitting, my favorite children were the ones that turned on me in the end.

I watched over each and every one of them. Comforted them as they died, gave them a reason to live. And now my children are suffering too, and it's all their fault. They've damaged the soil they walk on, polluted the air they breathe, tainted the water that showers them. They have destroyed me, their mother.

Maybe if they knew I could feel, they wouldn't hurt me as much. Maybe they wouldn't cut down my trees, or till my soil if they knew. The pain is inevitable now, I know that. I've braced myself for it, readied myself for the heartbreak. They poison me, over and over. I should be dead by now, yet I live. I live for them. I live for my children, to give them a chance to start over and fix their mistakes. 

 Some part of me knows that I should just give up. To leave and let darkness claim us all. But I can't. I can't let my little ones die. The ones I watched from birth, even as they continued to murder me. I watched them kill each other, hurt for their own gain while all I can do is watch. Watch as they strip my land of the warmth, as they destroy everything I hold dear. 

One day they will kill me, I know that. Yet I can't stop loving them. After all I am their home, their mother as they named me. 

They don't see that everything I do is for them. That the only reason I go on is to keep them alive. They don't understand that if I die I can be reborn, with a fresh start. They don't get that chance. If I die, they die. And there's no coming back from it.


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  • RedWriter

    Oh Mother Earth *sobbing*

    7 months ago