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Just another girl trying to find her way in the world and using writing to help

Message to Readers

Well, it's poetry again. So, probably not that great and I would appreciate some feedback.

Through a Child's Eyes

October 16, 2015

PROMPT: Child Narrator

Through a childs eyes,
the world's a surprise.
There are no limits for them,
not even the skies.
From their point of view,
everything's new.
And in their imagination,
they were magic and flew.
But as they grow old,
they start to grow up.
And all the faraway things, become a little closer up.
Their minds start to protest, 
and they can no longer see 
the world in a way that's different to the rest.
But when moments become their last,
and final words are cast,
they can finally once again see,
the dreams of their past.


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