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Hello! I try to be interesting. My age is always changing for the worse so I won't include it. I love reading and writing, pretty much everything but fantasy (mainly fairies). I have a blog about writing:

Dancing In The Moonlight

September 1, 2017


Dancing under the midnight moon, 
Tears streaming from my eyes, 
Dancing in hopes that you'll come soon, 
Dancing to my own surprise. 

Gliding across the grasses, 
To nature's midnight song, 
With every second that passes, 
Still hoping you'll come along. 

There in the gentle moonlight, 
Standing under the trees, 
I see you, hiding from sight, 
Watching in slight unease. 

Dancing closer and closer, 
Come on, pick up your feet, 
Tears drying as we get closer, 
So happy that we, once again, meet. 

First just spinning in wonder, 
Staring at each other, in the dim light, 
Then twirling faster and faster, 
You're all I wanted tonight. 

Dancing, dancing, all night long, 
Wrapped up in each other's arms, 
Dancing to the midnight song, 
Humming quietly along. 

Then the the stars start dimming, 
The moon's about to set, 
My eyes have starting brimming 
A night I won't forget. 

You fade away with the moon, 
Each second brings you away, 
I hope to see you soon again, 
But I know that ghosts can't stay. 

What brung me back to this meadow, where, 
We used to dance and sing, 
I still don't know why I went there, 
I haven't gone since spring. 

But dancing there in dim light, 
Dancing again with you, 
You brought me there at midnight, 
To dance once more, with you. 


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1 Comment
  • Johanna

    Beautiful beautiful poem!!!

    almost 2 years ago