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Writing a bio for me is hard because I am myself and I could go on and on about how I think of me but would that be correct in others eyes? So I guess the only word I can really use to describe me is Bree and let my writing do the rest.

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All credit goes to Lin-Manuel Miranda. And Hamilton. Two people I very much admire.

Do You Think That Matters To Me? (1)

August 30, 2017


There were instruments playing and a chorus talking up a note, people swinging their partners around as if gliding on water or soaring in the air. Eliza stood at the back of the ballroom, watching her sister tug someone after her to the center of the dancing. Eliza sighed. A boy or two had asked her to dance and she'd given them the response, 'my legs are tired' or 'I am waiting on someone'. She hated the way some of them eyed her as a prize, an inheritance instead of... of... A girl wanting to dance. Angelica, of course, had no fear. She pulled them in and let them go just as quickly, yet they all came back. She was the eldest, and the best to marry or be with. And currently, she wasn't won over yet. Eliza prepared herself to search after one of her siblings and see if they had any luck. A creak of the door interrupted her thoughts and Eliza looked up. She watched as a boy with midnight blue eyes, nearly purple, a lanky frame adorned with a simple outfit of a soldier come inside the crowded ballroom where everyone else swung eachother back and forth, laughing and giving startled gasps as hearts spluttered in their chests. He was truly a sight to see- he seemed like a scholar and yet a front-line fighter at the same time. The only man that she'd seen that might rival his intense look, taking in everything, would be soldiers on a battlefield. Her own sister swung towards her, just released from her latest experiment with a soldier boy who's eyes with wide with surprise and longing. She could've been oblivious had she not rolled her eyes. "Eliza," she pestered. "Come on. This is suppose to be fun."
She fidgeted and looked down at her blue dress, wondering if she could just slip next to him and him not notice. If maybe he wouldn't recognize her as a Schuyler girl. And then if he did, he would ask for Angelica. They all did. She forced her gaze back to her sister's intelligent eyes, but not before she had caught on. "Oh," she smiled.
"Don't you worry Betsey. Angelica's got you covered," Angelica smiled cunningly at her like don't even try to talk me out of this. Eliza shook her head fervently. "Angelica-"
Angelica let go of the soldier boy's hand and made her way through the crowd. "Gosh darn it," Eliza whispered to herself as one of her other sisters, Margarita, whipped past her with a grin on her face towards her own charming commander. She knew what would happen because it always did- Angelica would try to get the man, or rather boy, to pay attention to Eliza. Really, she would. But the boy would lose himself in her beautiful, brown-haired, intelligent witty sister before Eliza got the chance. It was rare she met someone who was not instantly smitten with Angelica. She glanced at the disappointed boy who Angelica had danced with. His eyes were clouded and full of want as he stared after her sister. Eliza would worry if she didn't know her sister and how blunt yet secretive she could be. Eliza turned to watch her sister again- and froze. She was chatting with the boy, but now he had looked in Eliza's direction- and smiled. His gaze wasn't clouded over like the other one's either. If anything, his almost violet eyes seemed to relax once they met hers. Eliza's breath hitched.
Her sister sashayed over with the boy in step. "Hello," he greeted, smiling, bowing slightly while she curtsied. Eliza swallowed the heart that had crept up her throat, feeling it nestle and flurry against her breastbone. "Elizabeth Schuyler, pleasure to meet you."
"Alexander Hamilton," he quipped. His eyes were even more penetrating up-close, yet friendly. Warm. "It is an honor to meet you. Thank you for your service."
"If I must fight a war to be in your presence it was all worth it," he said solemnly. Angelica smiled at Eliza, though not as warmly as usual. She looked at the soldier- Alexander, Eliza reminded, like he was... was important to her. Like she could talk to him for hours without getting bored. Eliza paused and wondered why Angelica, if she liked him, had introduced them at all.
Because she is my sister. "Goodbye now Eliza," she said. "Mr. Hamilton."
Alexander nodded at her and then turned to Eliza. "Is it alright if I call you Eliza?"
The correct response should've been an automatic yes. Her father had taught her as much. But her mouth seemed as uncontrollable as her pulse. "As long as I may call you Alexander."
He chuckled. "Fair."
Eliza's smile widened. "Where's your family from?" she asked.
Alexander waved it away and shrugged. "Unimportant."
Alexander held out a hand. "Perhaps we can talk while we dance?"
Eliza hid a shudder and placed her hand in his. Alexander pulled her out into the crowd and put a hand on her waist and the other held hers. She copied him and he smirked. "You seem very knowledgeable," he noted, swaying with her. Eliza felt a blush creep in on her- oh why was she so smitten with this boy? She couldn't remember a time when she'd acted like this. "Yes?"
"Very," he confirmed, maneuvering her out of the way of an older couple dancing awkwardly. "You have the most intelligent eyes I have ever seen."
She was full red. "Why thank you sir. I-" she fell silent.
Alexander raised an eyebrow. "Yes?"
Eliza faced him. "Your are the most scholarly I have seen in this crowd," she admitted. Instead of preening, he laughed again. "I should hope so. Washington would not have me otherwise."
"Yes, this revolution requires the best of minds."
"You are for the revolution?"
"Of course I am- and not because I am a Tory. We deserve freedom from this awful taxing, this monarchial system that never ceases to have new orders coming in and new words from King George," she bit her tongue. Her wit had run away without her. "I apologize, good sir."
"Why?" he asked, truly dumbfounded.
"My opinion," she whispered blankly. Were men not suppose to have their opinion and none others? That was what she had witnessed. Unless of course you were as brave as Angelica. Alexander frowned. "You apologize for giving your opinion?"
"It wasn't asked for," she insisted, feeling the eyes of one of the soldier's who had asked her to dance (the one who she said she was too tired) on her. Alexander smiled. "I value the opinions of the intellectual," he told her. "Which means I especially value yours since you seem to have intelligence above so many men."
Eliza was breathless. She smiled to hide her open mouth. "Thank your sir."
"Alexander," he reminded her. He swung her around and out of the way of a black-haired, fair-skinned man with freckles and blue eyes that looked at Alexander like a comrade. "You look amazing," he said softly.
She swayed with him again. "I- thank you," she paused and laughed. "My sisters say I look stubborn and amazing at the same time."
He laughed with her. Then he grew somber and gazed at her. "Eliza," he said slowly. " I don't have any money to my name," he admitted, a thick sense of sadness in his tone and despair, like such a fact would lose her to him. "Not an acre of land for myself. I lived in a college and I have no brothers or sisters with more wealth than me to share, or even here at all."
He sighed and smiled at her weakly. "But I thank you for the wonderful discussion."
He turned away and started towards the rest of the crowd when Eliza caught his sleeve. He turned, surprised. "Alexander," she insisted, then softened. "Do you think that matters to me?"
I am reaching the end of a 738 page book and I am still not satisfied. I thought writing might be a good way to take it out.

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