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The Propehcy (Clarisse's Story, Par.12)

September 2, 2017


    Ryker awoke, his whole back drenched in sweat. It was still nighttime. He looked over as he listened to his new sibling Sadie snore. Over by the bookshelf's, Jean sat alone at the desk, staring at a photo. Ryker knew it was none of his business, but his curiosity got the best of him. He crept out of bed, and slowly peered over Jeans shoulder from a distance. The photo showed him and Sadie when they were younger. A woman and a man each had their arms around Sadie, while Jean squeezed himself inside their hug. Jean shifted in his chair, making Ryker jump back into his bed. Jean walked up from his desk, and out onto the steps of their cabin.
​    Ryker decided to let it go, and fall back asleep. Which was exactly what he did. When morning time did arrive, Clarisse was sitting on the edge of his bed, biting her finger nails. He knew something was worrying her then.
"Hey," he said groggily.
​Clarisse gave him a small smile, hugging him with one arm as he sat up.
​"Hey. Did you sleep well?" she asked, the smile falling away from her face.
​He nodded, noticing that both of his siblings were gone.
​"Hey um...have you seen my brother and sister? Sadie and Jean?"
He shook her head.
​Ryker shrugged, standing up with her.
​"Ah well, they're probably just in training time."
​Ryker's eyes lit up with shock.
​"Training time!"
​     Clarisse waited outside of the Circe cabin whilst Ryker was getting ready inside. She hadn't visited this cabin since she was the cabin monitor. But Chiron eventually fired her from that job, all because she had a little fun with firecrackers. And...maybe some ​real ​crackers. Soon, Ryker met her on the steps of his new cabin. As they were walking, Clarisse decided to bring up the most dreaded subject of the day.
​"So, who was Sam you were talking about yesterday?"
​  Ryker gave off mixed emotions about Sam before answering, making Clarisse all kinds of nervous.
​"Sam was my best friend when I still lived with my dad. Me and my dad always got into fights, so when I ran out of the house, I met Sam in the forest in my backyard in a tree house we built," he chuckled with a grin, "We always used to hang out there when I ran away from my dad, and his crappy girlfriend."
​Clarisse stared at him, suppressing a small smile.
​"So, this Sam was your friend?"
​He nodded as they continued to walk past other campers.
​"Yeah. I don't know why I just suddenly blurted his name out the other day...but it bothers me that I don't even remember what my friend looks like."
​   Clarisse and him continued to discuss about Sam, unaware of what was going on back in the Circe cabin. Jean and Sadie had come back from breakfast, and Jean was practicing some new magic tricks, while Sadie scolded him about being nice to their new brother.
​"-Okay I'm done!" she yelled.
​Jean counted down in his head. ​
​"How can you be so rude?! Rainbows and magic are supposed to welcome Ryker in our cabin, NOT scare him out! Why isn't he here?! Is he at practice or something?! Or did YOU scare him out?" she asked, jabbing a finger in his face.
​Jean rolled his eyes, per usual.
​"Trust me, if I wanted to scare him out by now, I would've done it a long time ago. Besides, what's more scary that rainbows and magical talking creatures?"
​Sadie gasped, covering her bunny's ears.
"How dare you!" she whisper yelled.
​The bunny's nose twitched.
​"EASTER!" he yelled, making Jean groan with frustration.
​   Ryker and Clarisse had just finished their training, when they heard their names being shouted from halfway across the field. Clarisse looked over to see Percy and Annabeth running over to them. She rolled her eyes, and Ryker hand in hand met them halfway across the field.
​"Clarisse...I...have say..." Percy said out of breath.
"Well, what is it?" she asked.
​Annabeth rolled her eyes when Percy retreated to the water fountain. She turned her attention back to Clarisse and Ryker.
​"Well, what the sea urchin was trying to say, was that the oracle wanted to speak with you."
​Clarisse nodded.
​"Okay, I'll go get my stu-"
​"No, not you Clarisse," she said firmly, "Ryker is needed."
Ryker grinned looking at Clarisse.
​"Voldemort, ah scores again."
​Clarisse punched his arm before he ran off to the oracles cave. Annabeth walked off to find Percy. Well, now Clarisse had no one to hang out with! And as you may of already heard, she had been with her friends all week! Well, when she wasn't having her moments​. So, she decided there was only one thing left to do. Go meet the other children of Circe. Maybe they have some good nicknames for Ryker.
​    Back at the Circe cabin, things weren't going so well. Sadie had set her magical talking bunnies to attack Jean's bed, whilst in the meantime, Jean was purposefully throwing all the carrots out the window, making several of his sisters fuzzy friends watch the show.
​"You know what, Jean? Your such a huge turd! That's right, I learned that one from the Ares cabin!"
​Jean rolled his eyes, still chucking the carrots out of the window. Which happened to hit Clarisse.
"HEY!" she yelled from outside.
​Jean froze, and peered out of the window.
​He dropped the bag of carrots in his hand, and ran to the closet. Sadie rolled her eyes.
​"What's wrong with you?" she asked, looking out the window. Once she saw Clarisse, she could've sworn she saw steam coming out of her ears. She ran over and hid under the bed.
​"​What's wrong with you?" ​Jean mocked from inside the closet, "Clarisse is gunna kill me, that's wrong!"
​Sadie scoffed from under the bed.
​"Oh, please! If she kills you, oh well...but I mean, she wont want any witnesses around either! So we're both toast, buddy!"
​   Clarisse sighed, as she stood in the open doorway of the Circe cabin.
​"You know, if you guys were trying​ to hide from someone, shutting the door would help. Just some advice."
The closet and the bed grew quiet.
​"I know you guys are in here! You can thank the carrot thrower!"
​Jean shot his head out from a crack in the closet door, glaring at the bed.
​Clarisse sighed. ​This is gunna be a long day...
​Ryker had finally reached the cave. At least, he hoped it was the one everyone was talking about. He had never visited an oracle before. Or, ​the ​oracle. His hands were shaking as he approached the darkened cave entrance. He stopped dead in his tracks when he heard a loud thud come from inside of the cave. A shiver went down his spine.
​"Um...hello?" he said, his voice bounching back and forth from cave wall, to cave wall.
​About a second or two later, Rachel Dare came to the front of the cave entrance, wearing normal mortal clothes, except she had paint splattered all over her pants and shirt.
​"Ryker. I was expected you. Come in?"
​   Rachel led Ryker into her living room, which was the entire cave. Purple sofas covered the scene, while a few paint buckets laid across the floor, some spilt over and dried onto her dusty gold rug. But then Ryker looked at the walls. They were completely covered in painting, huge and small. Ryker thought he actually saw a few of his friends faces in the paintings. Will Solace was in one, who appeared to be healing someone on a battlefield. His sister Sadie was also at the scene, but was running towards a monster with her sword in the air, little bunnies at her feet. Before Ryker could gaze on some more, Rachel cleared her throat.
​"Come. Sit down with me."
 Ryker sat on a purple couch across from her.
 ​"So um...I-I'm kind of new to this whole 'oracle' thing, so how is this going to work?"
Rachel closed her eyes, extending out her palms to Ryker. He placed a hand on one, but she smacked it off, her eyes still closed.
​"Ow..." Ryker muttered, rubbing his hand as he waited for his future.
​Then, Delphi spoke.
​  A son of the shadows is no more,
​but your still danger, that's for sure.
​Don't over look those in your head,
​don't go thinking that your new friend is dead.
​ Don't believe what the old woman says.
​For if you do, you shall loose all.
​Your love will vanish.
​Your heart will hate.
You may never smile again.
​  The gods look upon you.
​Their fate is held with you.
​Do not fail them,
because if you do,
​the love you may have now,
​shall be lost in the seas of the dead.
​And with their final breath, they shall sing,
​what they have wanted to say forever.

  Rachel stopped talking, and her eyes returned to their normal color. Ryker's hands were shaking with fear. He didn't know what to say. He soon found himself running out of the cave in tears, Rachel calling after him, her voice fading quickly.
​  Clarisse watched the two siblings.
​" I going to get hit by another carrot..or..?"
​Jean cleared his throat.
​"Well, you wont if you don't kill us."
Sadie scoffed.
​"I'm sure she wont kill us! She is still human, Jean."
​ Clarisse titled her head to the side, hiding her grin.
​"What makes you so sure?" she said in an icy voice, her laughter hiding away in her throat.
​Sadie gulped, the same time one of her bunnies pooped a jellybean in the corner.
​Jean rolled his eyes. As if on que to break the silence, Ryker came into the cabin, blinking back his tears. Clarisse turned to face him, a worried expression forming on her face.
​"Ryker?" she asked going over to him, "What's the matter? What did the oracle say?"
​Ryker only looked up at Jean, who had been staring at him.
​"Jean, did your mother die?"
​Jean stared at Ryker like he couldn't believe he had the audacity to ask him such a thing.
​ When Jean didn't answer, Ryker kept on.
​"Well? DID SHE?!"
​Sadie frowned at Ryker as he stepped in front of Jean.
​"That is quite enough, brother."
​Jean didn't keep quiet then.
​"HOW DARE YOU! N-no! My mother is NOT dead! She is alive and well! She...she is...she's out there looking for me right now...I know it! I'm certain!"
​Clarisse laid a hand on Ryker's shoulder, clearing her throat.
​"Ryker, I think we should talk. Alone."
    Ryker still hadn't said anything by the time they sat together in the grass. Clarisse was really starting to get worried, but she couldn't say she was. She had to stay strong, as always.
​" don't have to tell me what the oracle said if you don't want to, alright? I just don't want you to be scared or worried when you have me."
​Ryker looked up, and stared into her eyes. Only one thought came to his mind/\.
​Do I have you?
​Instead of saying that, he nodded his head.
​"I know. I'm sorry."
​She smiled, laying her head on his chest as they gazed up at the stars.
​"I love you Ryker."
​Ryker almost choked when he replied. Tears filled up in his eyes, but he kept a straight face. For her.
​"I love you to, Clarisse."
​ Soon enough, they fell asleep underneath the blanket of stars. Up on Olympus, Hera, Zeus, and Artemis were looking down onto him, with a weak smile, and saddened eyes.
​"It's finally happening...the prophecy is finally happening. Now what do we do?" Hera spoke.
​Zeus took a long sip of his root beer before replying.
​"Now, all we have to do is wait, and hope for the best. We have one enemy now everyone," he said, turning to the group of gathered gods and goddesses, "Time. Ryker Stone had out fate in his hands, along with many others. That battle next week...its going to contain many surprises for the young hero's. But, if we have our faith in Ryker, maybe that will change something. But remember our one rule. We cannot let this boy die. Ever. Because he is the fate of our kind."
​Artimes looked down at Ryker, raising her dagger into the air.
​"For Ryker."
​Apollo set his Kool Aid down, getting one last good long sip, before raising his lyre into the air.
​"For Ryker."
​Soon, everyone else did the same. Ares raised his spear. Athena raised her favorite bookshelf, effusing to only pick one book.
​"Their all lovely!" she would say.
Aphrodite would raise her hairbrush. Dionysus raised his wine bottle. Hermes raised his staff. Demeter raised her corn. Hades didn't show up. Again. Poseidon raised his trident. And everyone else raised their most valued possessions, repeating one thing.
​"For Ryker."
​  Clarisse and Ryker's hearts started glowing from underneath their clothes back down in the grassy field.
​Artimes smiled at them both.
​"You two...until next week," she said, blowing a sweet scent in the wind, filling Clarisse and Ryker's hair.
​   The next morning, Clarisse and Ryker skipped training. They felt so weird today. They felt more...alive.
​Clarisse, for the first time in a while, blew the conch horn. The wind, still smelling sweetly,
​was filled of happiness. The sun was shining down on them, and the skies were a beautiful blue. No one got into any fights today, and were all ready to listen for command. Everyone gathered around Clarisse and Ryker when she finished blowing the conch horn. She smiled, as everyone gathered around.
"Good morning Campers. I didn't get permission from Chiron to blow the horn, so I will make this as quick as possible," she yelled over the field, her voice sweet sounding and alive, "I know that this has been a few weird couple of weeks for everyone because of all of the training, and your own problems-"
​"I KNOW HER!!" Leo Valdez shouted out from the crowd.
​Calypso, his girlfriend, smacked his arm so he'd shut up. Rolling her eyes, Clarisse continued.
​"​Anyways, ​I wanted to give a message to everyone out there before the battle next week. We are Greek demigods. And we are strong. I've had word that the Roman camp, Camp Jupiter, is going to assist us next week. But don't think we need them to be strong. Everyone of you guys out here are strong, and I don't normally give speeches, but WE ARE CAMP HALF BLOOD. AND WE WILL DO ANYTHING TO MAKE US STRONG. We don't need to be scared, or hide in the dark anymore! We have thousands of people on our side! WE ARE GREEK DEMIGODS. WE ARE CAMP HALF BLOOD, AND WILL DO ANYTHING. TO MAKE US STRONG!!!"
​The campers roared, repeated her words. As she finished up her speech, someone appeared at her and Ryker's side to help them fire off the new week.
​Jake smile at Clarisse and Ryker.
​Clarisse hugged him grinning.
​"I thought you were at your dads!"
Jake shrugged.
​"I just got back. Cool speech!!"
​Clarisse smiled, and continued to chant on with Ryker and the rest of the camp. Jake smiled her, and blushed as one thought came to mind.
​That's my Clarisse. I've finally found you again. No more mean comments to the campers. No more scared little girl hiding under the tree. You...your beautiful Clarisse. This is who you really are.
​Clarisse listened as Ryker and the campers chanted, and she looked back at Jake with a smile, the wind filling her hair.
​He smiled back. At that moment, they both only thought one thing.
We got this.
​read with this, everyone! You wont regret it! ENJOY!!


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