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Scored Lines

September 8, 2015


For the boy
That I'm trying
To forget.

To forget;
To be unable to think about [something]
To fail to remember [something]
To stop caring about


It's hard to close the eyes on the inside
Once they've set themeselves on a prize
So instead I draw lines.

I keep track of the numbers
Like a game;
I only thought of him three times

Three thin lines lined up
Right beside the faded scores from yesterday
And the day before
And the day before
And the day before.

The rubbed out lines are
Scored lines are
Pained lines are
Broken lines are
Words I do not know how to write,
So I draw them instead.

Are tears I do not know how to cry
So I close my eyes in sun
Wait for the rain; let it cry

Are scored lines in a
Timed game that I'm
Tired of playing so I
Watch the score
And count, you see

I only thought of him
Three times today.



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