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mischievous ghosts

September 8, 2015

PROMPT: Open Prompt

          This story begins at the end. Not the end of the story but at the end of the life of one Serena Vesper. Serena Vesper's death was not paticularly tragic nor did it attract much attention; a teenage slams her mother's car into a a pole and dies on impact a casualty at best and a statistic at worst. Life held only one tragic aspect for Serena and that was the death of her best friend Nolan Dawson the previous year. His death had no visable effect on Serena other than an extreme propensity for tapping in strang patterns on whatever surface available.
    Little did even the keenest of observers know that the strangely patterned tappings Serena performed put her in contact with the deceased Nolan Dawson. It was not strange spells that she tapped or long dead incantations it was, in fact, morse code. In the third grade Nolan and Serena learned morse code to be able to talk during classroom hours without getting in trouble, in later years they branched out to using it as a secret code when speaking on the phone and using it to cheat on tests. Needless to say, teachers despised them and had an annoying tendancy to move them across the room form one another, the duo simply tapped louder. Serena and Nolan prepared quite adiquetly for Nolan's death, cancer doesn't kill quickly after all. They picked the perfect inscription for his gravestone, prepared a few weeks worth of meals for Nolan's family, and, most importantly, found a way to tie him to this plane of existance. The process requires a worrying amount of nutmeg.
    Serena did not mean to die, at the time of her death she was quite content with her life, excepting her crippling fear of growing up. No her death exemplifies the strange conectivity of the universe, she had no desire for death nor was she particularly upset by her passing. Reuniting with her best friend did a good thing for Serena. Now the partners in crime can pull off the most daring of mischief with no consequences. 


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