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Message to Readers

my first poem ... any feed back would be appreciated and thank you for taking your time to read this poem hope you guys like it

My World

September 7, 2015


when i am without her
i cant wait to see her again
her beautiful smile always on my head
her way of looking at me
her way of making me mad
at night when everything is quiet
i love to see the stars
it makes me feel that she is close to me
i cant take her off my mind
every second, every minute
i just feel happy

when i need someone to talk
she is always there for me
when she get mad
i try to make her smile
when she smiles
my world changes completely
i just want to hug her
she is the one that takes my sleep away
i would give everything to be with her
i will go to the end of the world
just to see her bright smile
i will do my best
to make that smile brighter
i will do my best
to make her happy



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