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Hi, my name is Diamond.
Nice to meet you! I try my best to show myself in the work that I do I only hope that for you it comes through.
Thank you.

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Anything!!! literally anything i really would appreciate feedback on this piece!!

The exception to my people

August 28, 2017


You were my love, my life,
The reason that i want to stay alive.
You told me
“you're the exception to my people,
you're the reason that I stay.
The reason that I get up everyday.”
“There is a reason that I love you,
And I will tell you everyday,
My love for you will never fade away.”
It didn't.
At least not that day.
You said
“you were the exception to my people
But I can't see why I should stay
I think it's best that I go away”
There was a reason that I loved you
And that will never change
I never even got a chance to say.
“How could you do this to me?
How could you get up and leave?
I am down on my knees
Begging you not to leave.”
“I’m the exception to your people
And i'm reminded everyday
I'm the reason you didn't want to stay.
There was a time that you loved me
And i will cherish those days
I wish that I could've stayed the same.”


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