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Message to Readers

This is a poem that I wrote for a book of rhyming nonsense poems inspired by Shel Silverstein that me, my sister (she's not on here yet, she's only 9), and our cousin are writing together. Thanks for reading, and hope you like it!

The Boy With Cardboard Socks

August 28, 2017


There once was man with cardboard socks,
and he lived inside a box,
and the box was inside of a cardboard house,
and inside the house was a little white cardboard mouse.

With his cardboard socks, in his cardboard bedroom,
he had a pair of cardboard rain boots,
which he put on over his cardboard socks,
and then he went out for a rainy day walk.

On his rainy day walk, he stomped in some cardboard puddles,
but he got some mud on his cardboard rain boots, and felt a little bit muddled,
so he stomped in another cardboard puddle to clean them off,
and after he did, he went on his way to talk to his neighbor, who was named Roff.

"How do you do?" his neighbor Roff asked him, as he walked by in his cardboard rain boots,
"I am doing very well," the man with cardboard socks said to his neighbor Roff,
"except that I and everything I own is made of cardboard, no felt,"
"and every time I leave the house, I have to pray I don't melt!


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