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Writing has always been an outlet for me, and it's something I work to improve day in and day out. I'm a reluctant Slytherin, and I'm all for positivity, aesthetics, and focus. Suspenseful stories with entrancing characters are my favorites.

Message to Readers

Pitch black room, reinforced. The perfect prison if you're cruel.

Your Only Chance

September 20, 2017

    If you are reading this note, you got lucky enough to be thrown into here. Are your eyes burning yet? Is your mind screaming? Scream out loud. It helps with the stress. You also got lucky enough to find the flashlight I hid here. Thank me now, your life depends on it.
    What did you do to get in here? Think over it for a second. Burn some important papers, like I did? Break into the compound? Kill a guard? For all I know, you might not have done anything but insult the Good Leader, Terra herself. Ugh--just thinking about her makes me want to throw up.
    Included in here is a watch, a knife, and as you're obviously holding if you're reading this, a flashlight. Is your cellmate still alive? Do they want to be? Give them the flashlight. It's a blunt object. You get the knife since you're smart enough to find this. 
    First things first, living through this is going to be difficult. I give you a one in ten chance, to be honest. But I'm on your side, because any rebel against Terra is a friend of mine. How long have you been in here? If it's less than a week, you're safe for now. But if you've been in here for more than one week, you're on thin ice. Use the watch. They will throw in food every six hours. After 9 days, stop eating it. It will be poisoned. You will die. 
    After the initial poisoned food, they will wait three days then come in to pick up the bodies. Again, after nine days, keep the flashlight on. Shine it around. In your eyes. Whatever. They will open the doors at 4 PM. The sun will shine directly through the doors, and it is meant to blind you. If you're good at blind combat, shut your eyes. Otherwise, use the flashlight to accustom yourself to the light. 
    The knife is strong enough to cut through your chains. It's cheap material. Terra doesn't get a big budget from her superiors. Don't ask me how I know.
    Now. I've included some books to entertain you while you waste away in here like I did.
    If you're lucky, they won't be the last thing you read. 


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  • paperbird

    I love this! So grim.

    over 1 year ago