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Writing has always been an outlet for me, and it's something I work to improve day in and day out. I'm a reluctant Slytherin, and I'm all for positivity, aesthetics, and focus. Suspenseful stories with entrancing characters are my favorites.

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August 28, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

Murmurs fill the air as tourists prowl the streets. One shirt. One shirt for them to remember an event that is supposed to stick with them forever. Shelves are ripped apart, leaving nothing but discarded price tags. And they fall back to their parks and their libraries, carrying their prey as they trample the grass and watch the ever-darkening sky. 

Put on your glasses, the child says to the dog as she wrestles a piece of cardboard around his eyes. The child looks up into the sun, smiling, but the dog is smart enough to look away.

Crickets chirp and night birds fly, confused by the crowds of predators. Spread out over the top of the food pyramid, they collect in one spot, jabbering and howling like monsters as they hold up black film to their eyes. They stare at a star, 'come get us!'. 'We can watch you!'

The sky turns another shade of gray, and the cicadas start to scream. So do the small tourists, smashing bugs under their armored feet. The moon eats the sun as they eat dead animals in celebration, jumping around their machines and running to tackle each other. I sit on a blanket, drinking artificial fruit juice and holding rocks gathered from a store. It is almost come. It is almost come.

The moon covers the sun, and the lights set up turn on, confused that it's night. The crowds let out primal yells of celebration, holding up devices to capture the glory of a star 93 million miles away. Cheers last until their throats are sore. Drinks are spilled. Kids run into the roads, where the cars are parked as people get out to see.

The eclipse ends, and the grown humans, drunk with celebration, return to their cars with eclipse glasses still up to their eyes. 


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