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' "Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet My unfailing love for you will not be shaken, nor My covenant of peace be removed," says the LORD.' ~ Isaiah 54:10

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True Friends

August 29, 2017


"Let's play another game!"
   Elizabeth, a teenager with dark brown hair and brown eyes, groaned from her place on the picnic table. One of many in the brightly lit pavilion, which shone like a beacon through the black night around it. 
"Oh, c'mon! It'll be fun!" Rose grinned and shuffled her Dutch Blitz deck. 
   The gal with strawberry blonde hair and green eyes simply shrugged, and collected her cards into a small pile. "Okay."
"Olivia! You betrayed me!" Elizabeth moaned, eyes half-closed. "Is anyone as tired as I am?" 
   Darcy held her digital watch in front of her face. "It's only 11:50. Why not?" 
"If you'd rather not play, you don't have to." Rose flipped three cards into a row, glancing up at her sleepy friend. 
   "No, no. I'll play." Elizabeth mumbled. "Wouldn't be able to sleep anyways, with you three chattering monkeys." 
Darcy giggled. "Oh, believe me. We're all tired. Just some of us hide it better than others." She glanced over at Rose. 
   "I can't possibly understand what you mean." Rose grinned. "Everyone ready?" 
"Yeah, yeah." Elizabeth held her pile of cards at the ready. 
   There was silence as all four girls placed their cards into the middle. 
"Does anyone have a blue one?" Rose inquired, searching over her cards for any possible options. 
   Elizabeth mumbled something unintelligible.
"Mhm. Really?" Darcy's brown eyes zipped all around the center of the table. 
   "Here." Olivia dashed a card into the middle.
"Thank you!" Rose quickly dispersed three cards in rapid succession over it. 
   "Serious?" Darcy kept flipping her cards over. "Anyone have a green eight?" 
Silence met her question. "Ah. Thank you all very much."
   "No problem. Anything I can do for a friend." Rose smirked. "Blitz!" 
There were groans from all around the table. 
   "Again? That's five times in a row!" 
"What can I say?" Rose shrugged. 
   "Nothing." Elizabeth lay her head down on the hard table surface. "Can we be done?"
"Oh! I know what will wake you up!" Rose exclaimed with a sly smile.
   Elizabeth groaned. "If you have one more s'more, you're going to fall into a sugar coma." 
"Oh, c'mon! I only ate like . . . five." Rose lifted an eyebrow and smiled unashamedly. 
   "Let's go to sleep." Olivia offered as she gathered all the cards into a pile.
"I'm with her." Darcy twirled a part of her ponytail with her forefinger. 
   "Whateves. Where's the card thingymabob?" Rose looked under the table.
"Here." Darcy held up the deck pocket. 
   "Thank you." Olivia tucked the cards inside. 
"Who'll help me drag Lizzy to the tent?" Rose grinned.
   "Don't you even think about it." Elizabeth eyed her friend suspiciously. 
"Too late. Anyone got a flashlight?" 
   "Here you are, amiga." Olivia clicked on a small silver flashlight, and they all stood up. 
"Now no one even think about scaring me in the middle of the night." Elizabeth warned as they walked across the dark field to their tent. 
   "Heh heh." Rose chuckled evilly. 
"It is the middle of the night." Darcy remarked dryly.
   "Funny." Elizabeth muttered. 
They all stopped as Olivia unzipped the tent door, then tramped inside. 
   "Anyone seen my blue blanket?" Rose whispered, blindly feeling around. 
"Is that it?" Olivia shined her flashlight over to Rose's left. 
There was a general rustling of sleeping bags as everyone settled in for the night. 
   "Good night." Darcy murmured from her place on the far left of the tent.
" 'Night." Rose replied. Elizabeth and Olivia whispered their 'good nights', then silence woke the chirping crickets. 

   Rose woke up suddenly. It was still pitch black, and the only sounds were even breathing coming from the three sleeping bags to her right, and insects outside the tent. She pressed the LIGHT button on her alarm clock. 2:34. Whatever. She tucked her blanket under her chin, and closed her eyes. 
   Swish. Swish. Swish. Someone walking? It's nothing. Rose covered her head, trying to shut out the sound. A sliver of fear stung her heart. Is that a zipper? No. It can't be. After the long, drawn-out sound of light metal upon metal, Rose grasped around her head for her flashlight. There. The beam sliced through the darkness as Rose pointed it at the doorway. The tent flap was open. 
   "Olivia?" She whispered, "Is that you?" 
   But a quick glance beside her threw that thought away. "Lizzy? Darcy?" Her voice quavered. Rose squeezed her eyes shut. Please let this be nothing. Hesitantly, she sat up, and contemplated re-zipping the door. Reaching over, she shook Olivia's sleeping bag. The warm body inside groaned, and turned on its side. 
   "Olivia! Wake up!" Rose whispered urgently, keeping a fearful gaze on the open door. 
"What?" Olivia murmured, peeping an eye open. 
   "Someone opened the tent door." 
"Probably Darcy." She mumbled into her pillow. 
   "I don't think so. Darcy's still in her sleeping bag." 
"Lizzy, then." 
   "Not her either." At that, Olivia lifted her up head, and glanced over at her sleeping friends, then at the tent door. 
"We need to close it, then." Her voice quivered ever-so-slightly. 
   "Yeah." Rose agreed. Neither of them moved. 
"We're being ridiculous. C'mon." They both ambled out of their sleeping bags, feeling the chill wind blast their sleep-deprived bodies. Rose held the flashlight beam steady as Olivia zipped it back up. 
   "That's that." They climbed back into their sleeping bags, and Rose clicked off the flashlight. 
   "I don't think I'll be able to go back to sleep." Rose whispered. 
   Swish. Swish. Swish. Olivia and Rose exchanged a look through the darkness. Rose felt a warm hand touch her's. She squeezed back. 
   Whatever happened, they would be together. 

   "Man! I don't think I've ever slept so good!" Elizabeth yawned, crossing her arms in front of her to keep in the warmth. 
Olivia and Rose glanced at each other across from the fire pit. Then Rose spotted a huddled figure hurrying towards them from the field. 
   "Hey, sleepy-head!" She greeted quietly. 
"Mbumphrm." Darcy muttered into a scarf slung around her shivering shoulders. 
   Rose chuckled. 
"Hey sis!" Rose's brother came up to the fire pit with one of his friends. 
   " 'Morning, Ryan. Hi Blake." 
"Good morning." Blake smiled, his hands tucked into his coat pockets. 
   "Experience anything strange last night?" Ryan absent-mindedly brushed some ash off of his coat. 
Rose peeked over at Olivia. "Why do you ask?"
   "No reason." Ryan smirked. 
Something was definitely up.
"Uh huh." Rose looked back into the flames. 
   "I scared you real bad, didn't I?" Of course Ryan couldn't simply come out with it. 
Ignoring him, Rose beckoned to Olivia. "Would you like some hot chocolate?" 
She nodded, and they walked over to the pavilion, where a propane stove was set up. 
   "It was Ryan, and maybe Blake." Olivia whispered as the blue flame licked at the bottom of the red kettle. 
"Yeah, I guess so." Rose could feel the red creeping up her neck. Man, they'd got us good. 
   "But it's okay." Olivia looked up in surprise. "I know that I have a true friend who will stay up with me." 
They smiled at each other, then the kettle began to whistle. 
   "Want some hot chocolate?" 


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