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Dear Future

By: AbigailSauble


Dear Future,

My, what a question you are! Nobody can know what you have in store. Will I marry my high-school crush? Or maybe that annoying boy who is forever sending emails to my inbox. I'll find out later, I suppose. Makes me almost giddy to think about it. Will I actually become a graphic designer? Will I do blue and silver for my wedding like I've always wanted? Will I ever publish that short-story series that I've been working on? What about my future children? Will they look like me? Will I be able to use my favorite names? What will marriage be like?
Whatever you have in mind, I know that God is in control.
                            With Expectation,
                                    Jessica Louise Mand

Peer Review

The closing for me stood out the most because it's not very common, but it fits the story. Like, perfectly fits the story.

I'm left with the feeling that you are really looking forward to what the future has in store for you. I mean, you wrote a letter to it, didn't you?

I would ask the author if these were all things they wanted to do in their future, or if they had just made them up. If they all were true, they could elaborate on each topic more and more and maybe this could even reach a short story-novella-ish length. Why do you want blue and silver at your wedding? Maybe write a response back where your future tells your past what happens.

Reviewer Comments

I really think you could take this piece to a whole new level of you expanded it, elaborated, and maybe even wrote a response. But hey, this is your story, do whatever you want with it!