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Prologue to a novel I am writing

By: foxmillionaire


Have you ever looked at a sunset with the possibility that it may be your last?
Where I live anything can happen, so I've learned to appreciate things like that. who knows when I might fall asleep and never wake up, if you know what I mean.
Living in the city of Odette isn't the safest desicion people tend to make. Living in the  streets of Odette....well that isnt a desision at all. People don't get to choose if  they're poor, and I was one of those unfortunate  people. But I was a tough kid, and could handle being 2 inches from my possible death every minute or so. Having no food, clothes, or shelter also didn't help. So that's where I went into the common business of thievery 

Peer Review

The first line is amazing. I love it. Keep it no matter what.

Like I'm going to be thrown into an amazing world with awesome characters and it's gonna be a wild ride of a street urchin who sounds sarcastic but philosophical and someone I really want to meet him/her.

What's the main character's name? Any inspiration? Are you going to post more of this story? What's the title? Okay I know that's more than one question but I have more than one question.

Reviewer Comments

Stay with this story, it's already really good and I want to continue.