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August 27, 2017


The stage is set.
Floors have been mopped, trash is thrown away, tables arranged, cutlery laid out, and space made. The curtain trembles as it slowly opens to reveal the actors: one man, one woman, and two girls.
They sit, and smile, and eat their dinner while making small talk, nodding and smiling in sync. The lines have been drilled into their heads: please pass me the potatoes, oh yes, here you are, thank you. 
As the curtains close for a brief intermission, the audience does not notice the trouble behind them. The actors try their best to fit into their perfect roles, but it's hard, and they stumble a bit. The girl forgets her lines and says something else instead. The woman gets stressed with her role. The male, in tension, drinks a bit too much from the wine sitting on the table. The little girl is too quiet and avoids everyone. But the audience does not notice. 
The audience applauds and the curtain sets. The actors are angry at themselves and each other for slipping up, but they are relieved. They leave the theater for the day until the janitor cleans up for the next performance. 
Dinner parties *shakes head*. Need I say more? 


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