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Vesuvius: Fiction Once Again

August 27, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

A gray haze spread across the sky. Maybe it was an eclipse. Maybe a meteor blocking out part of the sun. Or maybe entirely something else. It didn't cross the mind that maybe it could have been an eruption of Vesuvius. Perhaps it was because I was too sleepy, having just woken up. But, still, it never crossed my mind.

Well, not until the screams sounded. And not until Alexa came, grabbed my hand, and ran outside, barely saving anything from the measly belongings we had.

She ran as fast as she could across our garden and through the streets. We mingled in with the crowd who were also rushing down the streets, screaming their lungs out. 

I certainly didn't know what was happening. And that is why, at that moment, I chose to slip my hand out of Alexa's and turn around to see what the whole commotion was about.

As I did, a cold blast of wind hit my face, and I stood there, transfixed in terror. Vesuvius, the once thought dormant volcano, had erupted. Now, terror crept inside me too. And I understood the urgency. 

But, I had taken too long to realize that. I had wasted precious seconds just turning round to see what everyone was afraid of. The ash was now falling faster, and the tremors of the earth made me unstable to stand. 

I realized all this as I turned around to look at Alexa. Alexa had tripped over something, and she looked me in my eyes as she got up.

She looked defeated. And I knew it then. We both knew it was over. There was no way out now. The ash was falling down rapidly now. The houses and streets were breaking apart. And we both were nowhere the exit of Pompeii.

I looked Alexa in the eyes. "Thank You," I whispered. "Bye." As I said bye, something hit me in the chest. Something painful. The pain of knowing that you might not see someone again. Especially your loved one.

Alexa didn't reply. And I smiled. I would never have thought my end would come like this. Not until I saw Vesuvius erupting. Especially not, until I had seen Alexa's defeated look.

And certainly, not until the gray ash clambered on top of me, and fear pounded in my eyes. The blood roared in my ears. And blackness surrounded me.
I kind of wanted to capture how a person would feel in the disaster of Pompeii. I mixed it with a bit of fiction, but I hope I managed to capture those feelings, even if only somewhat. :)


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