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Ryker (Memory)

August 26, 2017


     Ryker smiled as he added the finishing touches to he and his dad's Lego house creation. It was three days before Christmas, and Ryker couldn't wait to spend it with his dad. Unfortunately, his dad wasn't home. He was on a far away business trip. Ryker stayed at his grandmother's house since he didn't have a mother, nor stepmother. But he loved his grandma. And he never stopped believing that his father would make it home for Christmas. After all, he did promise.
​   Ryker stood up, and walked into the kitchen where he smelled fresh lemon poppy seed muffins being baked. He sat at the table, smiling as his grandma hummed to one of her old song's from back in the day. He looked out the window. It was beautiful outside. So, this made Ryker decide to go outside, and have some fun on his summer break from school. Little did Ryker know that Mythological beasts existed. And he was best friends with one.
​  "Hey, Sam!" he said, running over to his friend by the nearby basketball court.
​His friend smiled, bouncing the ball on the concrete, then shooting it into the hoop. he caught it, looking at Ryker.
​"Where's your dad? Don't you wanna play ball with him to?"
​Ryker forced a smile.
​"Nah. He's doing work stuff."
​His friend nodded.
​   The rest of the day before the sun set, Ryker and Sam played in the sun. Eventually, his grandmother called for him to come back in.
"Coming grandma!"
​He was leaving, when his friend grabbed his arm.
​"Don't leave yet.."
​Ryker hesitated, but then jerked back his arm.
​"I'm sorry bro...I have to go."
​   Ryker jogged back inside the house. What he didn't know, was that Sam had been planning an early death arrangement for his grandmother. When Ryker was tucked into bed, the doorbell rang. He heard his grandma walking down the hall to answer the door. Ryker had a voice inside him saying, "It's dad! It's dad! He had finally came!"
​   But why would his grandmother scream if it was his father. He jumped out of his bed, running to the bedroom door. He grabbed his bat he got from his father, and jumped into the hall, ready to whack a robber. Instead, he found his grandmother, lying dead on the ground. There was no one standing at the open door. Ryker stared at his grandma, his bat clattering to the ground. He walked over, placing a hand on her neck. No pulse.
​   He slowly shook his head. Tears started flying down his cheeks, as he sat there in the moonlight of the doorway, crying for his grandma to come back.
​"Please....your all I have right now...please, please, please. Stay with me!" he sobbed.
​   The next morning, he woke up with his grandmothers body gone, laying on the ground where she once was. He sat up, wondering if it had really happened. He walked into the kitchen, to see his dad, cooking eggs.
​His father looked at him, with a smile on his face.
​"Hey sport! Your friend Sam dropped off these eggs, thought you-"
​"Where's grandma?" he asked, staring at his father.
​His father raised an eyebrow.
​" know my mom died a year ago. Please stop kidding about that. Not really that funny."
​   Ryker blinked as if his father had just spoken another language. He clearly remembered last night. And that day, he had saw her...this wasn't fake! It couldn't be...
 Ryker sat at the kitchen table, not touching his eggs. Finally, he said something.
​"When did you get back?"
​His father looked up from his newspaper.
​"Back from where?"
Ryker raised an eyebrow.
​"Your work trip..."
​  Before his father could reply, Ryker ran. He ran to the hall, and out of the door, speeding through the meadow. His father stood at the doorway, calling his name.
​"Ryker! Hey, RYKER!"
 ​   Ryker never looked back. He ran into the dark forest, the tall tree's blocking the suns light. When he found himself completely in the shadows, he sat against a tree, and cried his heart out.
​"What's going on?! Why doesn't anything make sense..."
​  "This world, is to odd to make sense, my friend."
​Ryker looked up, to see a tree spirit, in the form of his mother. Andrea.
​"Son, it's not me. Just, don't cry all over me or whatever okay? I am way to young to have a son. But, I do wanna help you. Do you really wanna remember what happened today? Last night, your friend acting strange. Then your grandmother dying, father returning, and wont even believe you?"
​Ryker rubbed his eyes, unable to make the spirit disappear. He sighed, accepting his fate.
​"Yes. I just want all of this to disappear," he begged, "Please.."
​The spirit nodded, grinning an evil grin.
"I can help with that."
​She moved down towards Ryker, giving him a simple kiss. Ryker's world went black.
​   The next thing he knew, he was getting ready for school.
​"Bye Dad! I'm off to college."
​His father waved from the kitchen, smiling.
​"Be safe!"
​   Ryker hoped onto his bike, and rode all the way down to his knew college unit. When he got there, he sat down in his first class, everyone giving him a weird look. A boy in the back wearing a hoodie started to say really, really mean things to the teacher when she was telling him what lesson he had to do. Ryker already knew that he was going to get in a LOT of trouble today. Then as soon as the lesson started, he forgot a pencil.
 Great...He thought.
​He saw this girl, who was sitting in a chair right in front of her.
​"Hey new girl, do you have a pencil?" he asks, hoping she was new.
​She gave him a very scary look.
​"If I did it wouldn't be in your hand.." she muttered.
​  Ryker got the signal to back off. He finished his lesson, noticing a paper ball flying back an forth through the air. He also saw that it kept hitting the scary girl in front of her. Before he could convince himself to do anything heroic, the girl took action.
   She picked up her ruler, and threw it at his head. He made some mean hand gestures, while the girl had escaped the room before she could start anything serious. Smart girl...he thought.
​  When class ended, he went to go meet her. He saw her in the hallway, looking at some kind of picture sadly. When Ryker approached, she quickly tucked it away.
​"What do you want?" she asked.
​Ryker grinned.
​"That boy got suspended. Before you arrived, he had caused some more trouble in the teachers lounge. Thought that you'd like to know."
It was obvious she wanted to smile, but she hid it well. Unfortunately, that doesn't go for her blush.
​"Well, what do you want? A thank you?" she asked, crossing her arms.
​Ryker forced a smile, and shrugged.
"Wouldn't help. But, I feel like I should introduce myself. I'm Ryker," he said, holding out his hand.
​He rolled her eyes, not shaking his hand.
​"Clarisse," she replied.
​   Ryker smiled. That is, until their principal came walking through the hall, trying to kill them. What did it look like? Use your imagination. It wasn't pretty. Over all, Ryker and this Clarisse girl won.
​   He thought maybe this year wouldn't be so bad for him after all.
​That is, until he was a demigod. It all happened so fast. One minute he's saying goodbye to Clarisse, walking home, kidnapped, and smiled for dozens of campers as they welcomed him into their camp, called Camp Half Blood.
​"Uh....hello everyone."
​Everyone started asking thousands of questions, when he saw this one guy with brown hair whispering something to a blonde haired girl, her nose stuck in a book.
​"He's stealing our fame," the boy said.
​The girl didn't look up from a book. She just put her hand on his face.
​  Ryker chuckled to himself, scanning the crowd. His eyes landed on someone very unexpected.
​"Clarisse..." he muttered.
​He started squeezing through the crowd trying to get to her. When he finally did, she judo-flipped him.
​"Agh..." he squeaked from the ground.
​Clarisse took his hand, and helped him up, redder than an apple.
​"I-I'm sorry. I didn't know it was you." she spat out.
​He chuckled. "That's fine. So... your a demigod?"
​She nodded. "Who is your parent?" she asked him.
He fell silent.
​"It's okay. You don't have to tell me now if you don't want to."
​He smiled at her. Clarisse smiled back. For some odd reason, he couldn't look away from her eyes. He moved closer to her. Before another movement, the conch horn blew.
​Clarisse blushed, her heart racing.
​Ryker was super red, but still looked at her.
​"What does that one mean now? Another new camper?" he asked, raising and eyebrow at her.
​"No, I'm afraid not. It means we're under attack. Come on, I'll show you to your weapon choices."
   From then on, Ryker never remembered his grandmother, Sam, or the day his dad returned. All he knew, was now, he had to fight for life.
​At least he had Clarisse to do it with him.



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