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Me and You

By: The_One_Who_Lives

    "I know for a fact that I'm not high right now, but it sure feels like it," Nathan claims while looking at the kitten you two have been lazily watching all afternoon. You look at him and hold in a little chuckle. After being his best friend for five years you've learned a thing or two about him, and you know that he hates being laughed at. 
    "What makes you say that?" you ask while glancing at him. He rests his head on his hands and sighs. 
    "You see, throughout my life, the only times where I've forgotten about my problems have been when I've had a dose or two of drugs. Yet, at this moment, it feels like there's nothing wrong with the world. I genuinely feel like everything will be alright. Have you ever felt like that?"
    Shocked by his response, you think of something to say. You've known that he's done drugs for a while now, but it was never something that he talked to you about. You turn your full attention towards him, and conjure a sentence.
    "Yes, I have felt like that. Not because of drugs though..." He picks up the small kitten and looks at you with a shy smile. 
    "Well I guess you'll have to show me more moments like this." He kisses your cheek and looks at you for a moment. His smile grows a little, then he stands up and calmly walks away. You grin and watch as he fades away.  

Peer Review

A gnarly fourth-wall break

More background isn't really necessary, the unanswered questions leave a lot to the imagination and thats good

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Hey so you followed me and truth be told I have no clue who this is lol... I have a few guesses but who is this??