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I love to read and write. Mostly poetry. I am working on a book right now. I usually would write about my life story, I hope you like what I have posted!

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BE YOU. don't change so everyone will love you. change so you will love you!

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December 15, 2017


I never really had the best past. hearing my mom and dad always fighting. It sucked a lot. I was just a young little girl, so I didn't understand what was going on. Not knowing it was serious. After a while of hearing all the fighting i was six years old, I started to get into the habit of cutting. It helped with the pain i was feeling. After hearing my dad was abusive towards my mom, and brother I started getting scared. Really scared. Begging and begging for help. My mom finally got a divorce, lived in a small apartment. Sadly not able to keep my dogs , Tator, and MooMoo. i loved them both more than anything. one day my mom met David. she moved onto him way to quickly. well she didn't think so. david was different. He was sometimes times and other times wasn't. My brother and I still visited my biological father, he did something I never thought he would ever do. He raped me. he took me out to the garage or the basement or even in his room and raped me as my brother slept peacefully. He threatened to kill me if I even told. I knew he was serious and dangerous. I kept quiet for two years. Two years of torture. My mom had three jobs plus cleaning when she got home. David never did anything but play zombies with his three sons. While i was suffering from my dad one of his sons forced me to do sexual things threatening me as well. feeling trapped and falling into a deep depression. David wasn't physically abusive but emotionally to my mom. My mom was the kind of person when she didn't care how she was treated as long as her kids were happy and safe she didn't care. After that last time my mom said it was time to go to my fathers, I had enough i finally wrote down what he has done to me and showed her. seeing her eyes widen and tears flood her eyes i nearly cried. After a year I had a lot of seizures from fear of my dad coming back to hurt me after i told. You'd think i wouldn't have anything to worry about since he is in "jail", wrong, the court, hospital, police, nobody believed me. because i didn't have proof he was let off the hook. After the three years with my moms boyfriend we realized we can't suffer there anymore. we then got in a big fight and got kicked out and had the stay with my grandma for a bit to a mini trailer. There were only two rooms in the trailer so my mom gave my brother and I the rooms and she slept on the couch. i didn't like it like that but as stubborn as she was she wouldn't take no for an answer. I started to stop cutting after a while. My mom then met some other guy. After a while we got to meet him and his daughter, Cassidy was the daughter, Brian was her boyfriend. i was so excited to meet Cassidy. i mean i did grow up with five brothers why wouldn't I be excited? It hurt a little when i found out she hated me though. after a while mom and Brian got married. we were a happy family, until they started drinking. Then everything went down hill. I started cutting again from the drinking. They always fought, throw things and everything. the good thing is they quit after a while. But i did still cut from being so depressed about being hurt all the time. i started dating and then got dumped so many times that i just couldn't take it anymore. After my screwed up brother came to visit he brought alcohol which brought the parents into a temptation. They wanted more. They secretly drank till they had a huge fight. They finally stopped. I stopped cutting after i met this most amazing guy who will remain nameless. he is a sweet guy. H absolutely makes me the happiest girl alive. I now began to figure out that there is always someone out there for you so never give up. Stay strong and fight                                                                                                        


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  • CreativeAngel

    This is so motivating and you will always succeed in life. This also proves that the good people always get the worst and the bad people always get the best. I hope that you continue your life happily and wish you a great fun long life. Remember to never give up and always think about good things without dwelling on the sad ones.

    almost 3 years ago