S K Hammer

United States

Horror/ fantasy writer, hoping to get better.

A world before light

August 24, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

    Cool air grips my body, goosebumps growing over my body. Adrenaline pumping through my veins, waiting for the moment. The moment before the sunrises, the moment when the world was still asleep but I was a wake. The wind changed, this was my time. Drops of dark blue started to pepper the sky. Time seems to slow to a crawl. I start to walk, then jog, then run. Wind blows threw my hair and bites at my face. I’m chasing down the horizon. Running for the sky, chasing nothing, but at the same time, everything. The sky explodes into pinks oranges, and lilacs. Cold air turns to a warm breeze. I start to slow. Staring at the sky. Times almost up. Birds start to chirp, the animals are coming out. The sun rises above the horizon. Cars are starting, lights are turning on, the world is starting to turn again, and my time is up. I walk back home, slowly. Until tomorrow, sweet world.


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