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A perfectly clichè Romance

August 24, 2017

In another land, a land with a handsome, charming prince. His hair was blonder then the sun, eyes so blue they made the ocean look dull. His smile was of the brightest- bright enough to become a hazard. There was no woman in the land that was not enthralled by his charm and looks, after all, they were perfection But yet, he was bored. Lonely. None of his closest subjects were half as beautiful enough to marry him, nor did they have the charms or riches he had. No, he wanted someone of beauty, of grace. 

And of course, to do this, he got into his golden carriage with Arabian horses, and had his men take him around the world to find the maiden worthy of his beauty. Yet, time and time again, he always met women who loved and fell for him, but not one sparked an interest. 

After 2 days of hard work, the prince was in distress. Would he ever find his perfect soulmate? 

And in France, he got his answer. While eating in a quaint, quiet coffee shop, a girl gracefully dodged another guy who almost spilled coffee on her. She winked, and the guy fell in joy that such a woman paid her attention to him. 

She had pale skin, but a warm glow. Her gleaming blue eyes matched the sapphire hues. And her hair- her beautiful hair looked like sun gold. She shone with every step, being tall, perfect in every way that a fair maiden should be. 

Before the prince knew it, he walked up to her, kissed her hand and asked her name. 

"My name is Stephanie Silvers. Pleasure to meet you." 

She turned out to not only be beautiful, but have great knowledge and a perfect singing voice. They visited every place in the world, and only 2 months later, on the Eiffel tower, did he ask her hand in marriage. 

She said yes, and roses were thrown at them. Everyone was happy that the perfect couple, with the perfect looks had gotten together in the most perfectly amazing way. 

Their wedding theme- perfection. Giant Diamond ring, white and red roses, everyone in perfect attire and a large wedding cake. 

They ended up with twins, who were a boy and a girl, just as beautifully perfect as their parents were. 

And they lived happily ever after, with no troubles. 

The End. 
Let's see..I should've put in more clichès, but these were the ones that came to mind.

Blond hair blue eyed? Check. 
Coffee Shop Meeting? Check. 
Lonely Prince? Check. 
Perfect name no one has? Check. 
Twins with both sexes? Check. 
Perfect woman that knows everything? Check. 
Roses? Check. 
Diamonds? Check.
FRANCE? Check. 
I love uniting Mary Sues and Gary Stus, ah. 


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  • Catlover

    Not so bad as you might think. This is very good read.

    about 2 years ago