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Kat Sparks

United States

An almost-adult from snow and sun country. Doesn't feel like growing up anytime soon or staying the same age forever, though.

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Insanity is just another word for 'eccentric genius'. A saying that I live by which lets me write as much in whatever genre I want however I want to.

Five Beginnings

September 2, 2015

PLANT A QUESTION: He didn't know how, where, or when he was, but he did know that cannibals were annoying to deal with. Especially eccentric ones.

CHARACTER: Alice had odd eyes. Not in the sense of that, if you looked into her eyes, you'd feel weird. In fact, if you could look into her eyes, you'd find that they were actually quite friendly. Instead, her eyes were just odd. The right was a bright, almost unnatural green. The other was completely and utterly pitch black. No white in sight.

WEATHER: Rain doesn't always wash away the tears and past. Sometimes it washes the present, future, and happiness with it since it's in the way. It splatters on everything so hard that everything it hits is destroyed and remade in the instant it is destroyed. This is that type of rain. And it sucks to be stuck in it.

OMINOUS: "I can't tell you," the young- no,old; no, young again- girl stated, lying the puddle, slowly dying. "I can't tell you the answer. But he can. If you can convince him. Try it. Have fun. Don't expect to come back sane." And with that, she died.

QUOTE: "This is such a horrible, no-good, bad idea," the figure hissed, crouching down on the roof opposite of the military facility.
"I'm sorry; do you have a better one?" The companion retorted, turning to it from the binoculars. "Also, what? Have you finally learned how to read childrens' books? If so, congrats; shut up. If not, shut up still."


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