Peer Review by Jeremy Houle (United States)

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Colorful Pain

By: Riley Noel


People often say, depression hurts.
It saps the color from the world
leaving only darkness.
It turns shadows into monsters.
It holds your feelings hostage. 
But my depression is different.
I see colors clearer and more vibrant,
like the world has been soaked in paint,
the colors mock me, daring me to be happy
when they know I can't.
The shadow monsters are my friends,
they stand beside me protecting me
from the light, reminding me I have none.
I have forgotten what true happiness is,
though I have learned to fake it well.
Sometimes I can be truly happy,
a moment of childhood laughter,
but it is a ghost of a feeling
a dream ripped away
no matter how tight I close my eyes.
Some days I try to remember,
remember what the world looked like
before I tinted it with sadness.
But I can't,
because the world looks the same
 it's me that's changed.


Message to Readers

This is in honor of all those who struggle with depression and anxiety. You are not alone, keep fighting I can't promise it will get better but the people in your life can make it bearable if you let them in. I love you all. Thank you for reading my work it really means the world to me, leave a comment or review or even just a like!

Peer Review

What single line? Way too hard. The two that stood out to me most were "I see colors clearer and more vibrant" and "the colors mock me, darking me to be happy." Because I can relate so well to them.

One of relief that someone else understands, as well as a fresh wave of grief as I remember being depressed and why I am still occasionally depressed.

Are you depressed? How can we help each other?

Reviewer Comments

I, along with almost everyone else, have struggled with depression and still periodically do. I love the colorful spin you put on it - no pun intended :)

Most people only address the way you feel, like you can never get free, on and on and on, but this poem is unique and lovable in that it articulates how I used to see things in a way that I never articulated. I knew I felt this way, but I didn't 'know' I felt this way. Hearing it articulated is like the lens of my past finally coming into focus. It makes me happy to be understood. Thank you for this amazing piece!

PS = that is not one giant highlight section up there. Each section has it's own notes :)