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I Once Knew A Girl

April 16, 2018


I once knew a girl who always seemed glad
But behind closed doors she was sad
In front of her friends, she would smile
But all alone, she'd cry a mile
I once knew a girl whose eyes were too small
Whose wish was to look like a doll
A girl whose nose was too big
A girl who felt like a pig
I once knew a girl who would cry for no real reason
Her mood changed more than the seasons
This girl refused to speak up
But this caused her to blow up
And maybe in fear
And always in tears
I once knew a girl who was scared of mirrors
Her fear was never made clear
But she told me one day
It was because she hated her face
She told me she didn't like photos
Because every one made her fright like a doe
I once knew a girl who wanted to be
Who only wished others were able to see
All the work she did, through writing and art
Only criticism felt like a jab to her heart
I once knew this girl
Because she is me

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    over 1 year ago
  • Aussie23

    Beautiful, amazingly, amazingly beautiful.

    over 1 year ago
  • 16missing

    Love this poem, reading it was like reading my emotions at certain points(never know if I'll switch sad, happy, sad, happy) Good Job!

    over 1 year ago