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By: gracetouchstone30


She is fishing in troubled waters.
Those tri-bodied pediculus nymphs were on point in their game of hide and seek.
The smell of tea tree waifed through the air like water over the tongue.
But they stayed like Santa Claus at the North Pole.
The water was calm as she fished.
It was turbulent waves as the comb felt each strand.
The electric comb strong armed its way through the head party like it was lit.
Acie thought "crime-in-Italy" why can't Ace telepathically make those schmuckish bugs dance away.
The odoriferous velvet of brutality brought a painless end in a writhing manner, that will be the way to do the job.

Message to Readers

the people who are fed up with head lice.

Peer Review

The last line stands out to me the most because of the language choice, when you read it out loud, it flows the most.

A sense of fulfilment because the individual has finally gotten rid of head lice.

How did you come up with the title name?

Reviewer Comments

This feels like one of the poems I've read before called Rape of the Lock where the author detailed every little thing and compared it using a lot of literary techniques. I think you've done the same here in a very interesting way.