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New Year, New Me

By: just.dreaming

    "New year, new me," I chanted almost methodically, promising myself this would be the year I actually completed my New Years Resolution. This was the first New Years I had spent alone in years. But I almost preferred it this way. Being alone was much better than having a drama filled night, just like last year, when my former best friend threw the party. Just then, I heard a knock at the door.
    When I opened it, someone I hadn't seen in a full year stood there.
    Speak of the devil. 

Message to Readers

Let me know if there's anything you would change or any feedback you would give!

Peer Review

Starting with something relatable is a great way to grab interest - New Year's resolutions are something that nearly everyone has had or has struggled with, so the reader can relate to what you've written, and is interested in reading more.

The ending is amazing - I can tell right away that it's your friend at the door, even though you don't say it outright!

Nowhere was I confused, however if you were looking to add a little something you could hint more at the consequences of last year's drama - it might add some more suspense to the ending.

Good structure, interesting story line - all this needs is a bit of tidying up! Good work:)

Reviewer Comments

Keep an eye on tense - you flip back and forth between past and present a few times - it would help with flow and clarity if you stuck with just one throughout.