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Hi, I'm Arian. I live in eastern North America, and I like fantasy and science fiction.

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"A book, too, can be a star, a living fire to brighten the darkness, opening out into the expanding universe."


August 21, 2017

PROMPT: Slow Seeing

The special thing about some rainstorms is that you get to know they're coming. Everyone on the island got a chance to be prepared. It gave several signs, the first and most noticeable was the change in the air. It became cooler and softer than the usual listless dry breezes, which brings me to the wind. It picked up gradually. You'd remark on how there was an occasional small gust in the morning, and by afternoon you'd be sitting in the grass on your lawn just enjoying the damp, clean feeling it brought with it. The dark clouds started their job of hiding the sun, with beams piercing through now and then until they couldn't any more. Just when you started to wonder if it would really rain, the first drop fell. From tens and hundreds to a torrential downpour in minutes the water droplets fell. The younger ones loved it best. Against the wishes of their parents they'd race of the house, barefooted and laughing. They would go all the way to the docks, and enjoy slipping and sliding on the smooth wood. If someone fell, he'd be pulled back to his feet to continue the wild sort of fun young hearts enjoy. The older ones enjoyed the soft spray of water through the open windows, the pleasure of a quiet board game where the water couldn't reach, and just being, really. There certainly wasn't a better time to be than when the rain came down onto the island.


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