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August 31, 2015


Eyes are beautiful.
Scratch that- they're wonderful.
They're mesmerising, they're gorgeous.

Blue eyes can be as dark as the depths of the ocean
or as light as ice, or the sky in winter.

Grey eyes remind me of storm clouds.
They can be dark and mysterious.
They can hold so much.
While others may be light and almost silver
like the moon on a rainy night.

Green eyes are fascinating.
They're possibly the amazon rainforest.
Or light, like spring and the abundance of nature
and the remarkable plants flowers that reappear.

When in sunlight, brown eyes become sunsets.
You'll find 'brown' no longer can describe them
as rays of light melt them into gold.

Hazel eyes are stunning,
They can be any shade of blue and fade into green.
Reminding me of the ocean, and the life below the waves.
Or they can be brown and green,
reminding me of a forest and the powerful trees.

Now I understand why so many people call them;
The window to the soul.


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  • engi_aek

    Beautiful! I really love eyes! I am always staring at people's eyes. Maybe that's what you fall in love with first. Their eyes. Haha. x

    over 3 years ago
  • Sarah Grimson

    I remember this story, I absolutely love it!

    over 3 years ago