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(Clarisse's Story, Par.11)

August 28, 2017


     Ever since the second rescue mission, Clarisse felt like a new person. She smiled. She made new friends. She even tried to convince Chiron to have ​macaroni art! Being the daughter of Ares, and being this happy, worried her siblings. So, they tried to switch this happy​ curse.​ They put glue in her hair while she slept. They always ate from her plate at dinner. They even tried to make her loose in sword practicing, which they failed in horribly. But Clarisse's smile never left her face. This was making the Ares cabin miserable! Their sister was actually...​cheerful ​these days! Just the thought spooked them out. But what was their sister doing that was making her so happy.
​   The answer? Killing! Oh wait, that was last semester? Sorry, sorry. My bad! Let me retype that...
​The answer? Spending time with her friends! Wait what? Okay, okay. Sorry, I'll continue. Clarisse barely left Ryker and Jake's side these days. She would even occasionally stop by the Hesphestus cabin to thank Leo for the hundredth time for helping our on her mission to save Jake. He always said thank you, not wanting this side of her to go away. It's better than being kicked off the side of a dragon. Scratch that. Your ​own ​​dragon. Anyways, my point is, Clarisse never left her friends. But she did when she wanted to be alone, like the old Clarisse. But that didn't happen much. There had been to many battle's and mini wars for a while for the campers to official get a day off. Or at least, a week. But don't get me wrong, Clarisse still had her ​moments.​ If anyone tried to boss her around, she'd usually just leave them stranded in the middle of the camp lake. Which for her, was a step up.
​   Today, Jake had gone to visit his father back in Manhattan. So, Clarisse hung around with Ryker. Since the rescue mission, they started to date again. Jake had found love, as well. He started to date this girl named Lesly, from the Aphrodite cabin. But deep inside, he still secretly loved Clarisse. He wasn't going to stop waiting for her ​anytime ​soon.
​   Most of the day, Clarisse and Ryker started training for the battles ahead for the future.
​"Ha!" Clarisse said, circling Ryker on the ground, her sword pointed to him.
"​Ha," ​Ryker mocked, knocking her sword back with a grin.
​She rolled her eyes, as they fought with swords for the rest of the afternoon.
​  Another time in the day, they each headed to their cabins to have some alone time. Oh, also, here's another weird thing that happened. You know how campers get claimed by their godly parent? Well, since Ryker and Nyx had a hate-hate relationship, she decided to in-claim him. Which, has never been done in the history of Camp Half Blood. So now, all Ryker had to do was wait for him to be claimed again. Until then, he usually crashed at the Ares cabin. The rest of the day, they hung our in their usual place by the lake.
​"So," Clarisse said taking another bite of her sandwich, "You enjoyed today?"
​Ryker nodded, enjoying his salad. "It been da bestf," he said, a tomato popping out of his mouth. Clarisse laughed.
​He blushed, finishing his dinner. They watched the stars appear in the sky, before Ryker stood up.
"Guess what today is?"
​Clarisse smiled up at him, the grass tickling her nose.
​"It's our 6 month anniversary."
​Clarisse's eyes widened, sitting up.
​"Your kidding!" she exclaimed.
​Ryker chuckled, shaking his head.
​Clarisse frowned. "I didn't get you anything..."
Ryker laughed, crouching down in front of her.
​"I didn't either...even?"
​"Odd," she laughed, tackling him in the grass with a hug. He laughed, wrapping his arms around her in the night, under the stars.
​   They had such an amazingly, peaceful night. What's a better way to wake up? How about a conch horn!
​The conch horn blew, jolting them both to their feet. At first, they suspected it was probably another small monster battle in a bookstore or something, but once they went into the camp where all the other campers were, they knew what was up.
​"Greetings, demigods. Sorry if the last time we met was in war. I'll try to schedule another get together date for us all."
​Clarisse squeezed through the crowd with Ryker, and they soon both found their selves in front of the Greek goddess, Circe.
​Ryker gaped at the sight of the goddess.
​"Circe...what brings you to Camp Half Blood?" Chiron asked, walking forward, campers parting ways for him.
​She smirked, looking down at him.
​"Chiron...what a pleasant surprise..." her evil grin saying otherwise.
  Circe looked away from Chiron, and looked directly at the sun.
​"Why must I come here, and let you treat me like you own me. Haven't you heard of letters? Or this Gmail?!!"
​The sky's thundered, shaking the ground. Circe grumbled something under her breath as me and Ryker exchanged looks. Then, she did another one of the unexpected.
​"I would like to speak with someone named Ryker...anyone?"
​Ryker stepped forward, a beat of sweat slipping off from his face. Clarisse was rooting for him in her head, while Leo Valdez was aloud. ​Idiot..
"Ah, so your Ryker. Well, it's finally good to meet you."
​Ryker cleared his throat.
​"Do you know m-me ma'am?"
She nodded, a faint smile creeping onto her face.
​"Why of course. Your my son, after all."
​  Ryker stood their for a minute, unsure of how to respond. So finally, Circe vanished without another word. She did leave a muffin basket though. Which, for them was tasty. By the time Clarisse and Ryker were back to the hilltops, Ryker was running down them, screaming with excitement. Clarisse watched him go. Personally, this scared Clarisse. She had never seen Ryker act like this, not even about that muffin basket. By the time Ryker was trying to catch his breath in front of Clarisse, she was laughing. 
​   Then, Ryker explained what Circe was the goddess of. Soon enough, they were both running around the fields. Once they stopped running, they were sitting by the lake both trying to regain their breath.
(​Note: Circe was a minor goddess of magic in Greek mythology, daughter of the Titans Helios, god of the sun, and Perse, an Oceanid. She had two brothers, Arêtes, who was the guardian of the Golden Fleece (which Jason and the Argonauts sought after), and Perses; and a sister, Pasiphae, who was the wife of Minos, king of Crete.)
   By the end of the day, Clarisse and Ryker were hanging out in the Ares cabin. Clarisse sat on her bed sharpening her knife, while Ryker tried to do magic to please his mother.
​"I wonder what nickname I can give you does Harry Potter sound?"
​Ryker looked up, his eyes narrowed. She chuckled, her hands held high in the air for surrender.
​" does...Oh! How does-okay, I got nothing. Unless..."
​Her face brightened.
"No!" Ryker shouted, hiding a smirk, "Not that name, anything but-"
​Ryker shook his head as she fell off the bed, laughing hard.
​"Oh...oh gods...I love it!"
​"Why does my nickname have to do with Harry Potter?!"
​   Suddenly, the Ares cabin door opened, revealing Samuel, son of Hecate goddess of Magic, and passageways.
​"BECAUSE HARRY POTTER IS AWESOME!" Samuel screamed, throwing his book at Ryker, then quiqkly retrieving it before escaping through the doorway.
​"Ow..." Ryker muttered, rubbing his head.
​Clarisse failed to hide her smirk.  
​    The next day was very strange. But that's a demigod life for ya. Ryker and Clarisse were walking to the dining pavilion together to grab some breakfast, when Ryker blurted out something.
​"Sam," he said, stopping dead in his tracks.
Clarisse looked at him.
​Ryker looked her in the eyes.
​"Sam..." he thought aloud, his eyes blank with frustration.
​Clarisse sighed.
​"See? This is why we don't eat the steak's here."
​Ryker looked up at her, a blank expression on his face.
"Why cant I remember..."
​Clarisse walked over to him, holding him in her arms.
​"Come on, maybe some food will help."
​Ryker nodded. Clarisse and him continued back over to the dining pavilion to eat their breakfast. When they were done, Clarisse took Ryker over to the lake house. They sat together in the blowing wind, on a bench carved out of the trees. She looked up at him, her head laying on his shoulder.
​"So...who's Sam?"
​His eyes focused on the lake.
​"He was...and old friend. I just don't know why I remembered him so suddenly. And it weird because I haven't even thought about him since-"
​   Another memory struck Ryker like an arrow. The memory was bubbling up, blinding him from the  present. All he saw now, was his father, with a knife in his hand. Ryker from the memory was sitting on the ground, crying over his grandma's body.
​His father's hair made a creepy shadow crossing over his eyes, making Ryker wonder why he had ever looked up to him. Ryker looked up at his father, tears streaming down his cheeks.
​"Why did you kill her!? You had no right-"
​"​SHUT UP, OR YOUR NEXT SON," he bellowed, his barren voice echoing through the home.
​Ryker shivered, staring up at his father as the image faded away.
​  "Ryker!" Clarisse yelled.
​Ryker snapped out of it, looking at her.
​"Are you...are you okay?" she asked, worry filling her voice.
He met her eyes, unable to answer the question. Clarisse stood up, heaving a sigh.
​"I think you need to go lay your head, okay?" she asked, resting a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah," he replied standing up, "I think that would help."
​Clarisse watched him walk up the hill to the Circe cabin. "What was that about..." she thought aloud.
​    Ryker slumped into his pillows, on his worn out matress in the Circe cabin. It looked way different than what his Nyx cabin had looked like. It wasn't dark in every corner, it had a working microwave, and had cable. Plus, there was a few old, dusty looking bookshelf's hidden in the shadows of the room. Ryker sighed, covering his face with the back of his palms as he laid there in silence. But that silence didn't last long. The door to the cabin opened, revealing a boy, who looked about the same age as Ryker. He was wearing all black, and basically looked like he belonged in the Hades cabin. His pale skin barely showing, his dark brown eyes almost dead like, and his torn black sweater looked as if he had just gotten mauled by a wolf, but it only hurt the sweater.
​   Ryker watched as he sat on the bed across the room from Ryker's. That was when Ryker noticed there were only three beds in the room. He wondered who the other belonged to. His question was quickly answered. Next up coming through the door, was a girl. She had the same looks as the boy, so they might be blood related. But her clothing...definitely not the same. She was wearing all the brightest colors you could imagine, yellow, blue, red, and pink. Her tights were mis-matched, and her bow was rainbow. It hurt Ryker's head just looking at her. It was like he had just entered a kaleidoscope tunnel, and there was no exit. The other boy sighed.
​"Why must you blind me with those hideous colors, sister? It make's me wanna go barf."
​The girl frowned.
​"Now, don't be rude. We have a new guest to the cabin!...​you brat," ​she said, muttering the last part.
​He rolled his eyes, looking up from the floor, and directly at Ryker.
​"How rude of me," he said mockingly, "I'm sir darkness, and this is Lady Rainbow Puff-"
​"SHH! He cant know our secret identities you ​moron!,"​ she yelped, turning to me.
​"My name is Sadie, and this is my brother Jean."
​   Jean narrowed his eyes at Ryker, making his nerves tense up.
​"What's your name?"
​Ryker sat up on his bed, letting his feet hand off the side,
​"I'm Ryker."
​Sadie clapped her hands.
​"Finally! A brother that doesn't act like...​that," ​she said, pointing to Jean, making a barfing face.
​Ryker didn't know if it was safe to laugh, so he just nodded along to her words. Jean shifted in his place, almost as if he were uncomfortable.
​"So, now you know our names. Now you get to know the rules."
​Ryker looked between them.
​"What rule-"
​  Jean cleared his throat, making a book appear out of thin air, making Ryker a tad more interested in what he had to say...not really, though.
​"Rule number one. Always never touch my stuff. Rule number two. Understand there is only one outlet in here, and it goes to the microwave and TV. Wanna charge your phone, go to the Zeus cabin. (Hidden Joke...get it? Electricity? Zeus? I'll show myself out). Final Rule, NEVER scare me. I may wet my--" he stopped reading, and gave Sadie and icy glare. She chuckled in the back corner, laying in her bed. Ryker failed to hide a grin. Jean slammed the book, making it disappear.
​"Rule number three and a half, no talking to me unless it's something important. Goodnight, siblings."
​   Nighttime arrived quick. And so did Ryker's nightmares.
​He was a little boy yet again, laying on his fathers bed, just staring at the blank white ceiling. He wondered when his father was coming home with dinner. It usually never took him this long. He got up, and went to look out of the living room window just once more, before heading to sleep until his father returned. When he looked outside, he gasped at the sight. Sure enough, his father was home. But...with who? She was a lady, and Ryker was old enough to know why. But still...why?
​Before Ryker could get a good detail on the woman, she disappeared into the cab, that drove down the road followed by the shaking trees in the fall wind. Ryker ran from the window and into his room when his father was unlocking the front door. He picked up his book, and pretended he was reading. A minute or so later, his father called him out for dinner. He walked into the dining room, taking a seat at the table.
​"So..." his father started before taking another bite of his spaghetti, "You know my work buddy Monica, right?"
​So that's who the woman was...​Ryker thought.
He nodded his head.
​"Well, I wish I told you sooner, but uh...I actually have been dating her for a while now."
​Ryker chewed his food slower, slightly disappointed by the news.
​"And, I was going to propose this week."
​Ryker choked on his food. His father pated his back with a grin.
"You okay?" he asked.
​Ryker shot up from his seat.
​"No!," he yelled, "No, you cant do that! Mom is still coming back! Mom is coming home."
     ​His father shot Ryker a nasty look.
​"YOUR MOTHER DIED, Ryker! I'm sorry, but that is the way things are."
​Ryker blinked back tears, setting his fork down.
​"No dad. It's the way ​you want them to be."
​Without another word, Ryker raced out of the dining room, and out the front door. His father yelling behind him, he ran into the forest, eager to find a friend.
​He ran farther and farther until he stopped in front of the largest tree there was in the entire forest. He knocked twice on it. The tree shook, when the wind wasn't blowing. Light brown eyes appeared on the side of the tree, the bark turning into two arms. A smile formed as he looked down onto Ryker.
​"Hello, Ryker. What have you come here for today?"
​Ryker swallowed, out of breath.
​"I've come looking for Sam."
​   The tree nodded, and pointed in another part of the forest.
​"He's that way, I've seen him all day."
​Ryker thanked him, before running off to Sam's place. He climbed up the ladder, and knocked on the tree house door. It opened, revealing a chubby smile.
​"Hi Ryker!," Sam said, with a wheezy tone.
​He smiled.
​"Hey, can I come in?"
​    Sam nodded, letting him in. Ryker went inside, impressed with how tidy it was.
​"Wow, it's cleaner than last time, Sam!"
​Sam laughed.
​"I just had a feeling you were coming, is all."
​  They chatted as friends normally do, until Ryker brought up his serious question.
​"Sam?" he asked.
​Sam looked up from his leaf collection, looking Ryker in the face.
Ryker cleared his throat.
​" you think my mom is coming day?"
​Sam sighed, placing a hand on his friends shoulder.
​  "Ryker...all you can do is hope."
Ryker nodded.
​"Yeah...yeah, your right," he said, his breath quaking with fear.
​All I've been doing is keeping my hope...He thought.
​Sam and him spent the rest of the day together, until Sam said he had to go home. Ryker said goodbye, but he stayed in the tree house a bit longer. He opened up the roof hatch, and climbed out onto where he was underneath the blanket of stars.
​   "I know your out there mom," he whispered to the stars, "I just need to know...which one?"
​The stars all glimmered and sparkled at the same time, leading Ryker into a sleep, that has not yet been forgotten.
​  Up on Olympus, Artemis and Apollo were arguing, Dionysus drunk, and Aphrodite giving Ares pet names. But, somewhere deep in the mountain, Zeus and Hera watched Ryker with a worried smile.
​"I hope he knows what he's going to do in the future, honey. Or...who knows what's going to happen."
​Zeus nodded solemnly.
"He has been fated to get two tokens of death served to him. Both by the goddess, Nyx, who now dwells deep in the underworld with my pesky brother. I just hope he knows about...​the future prophecy."
​Artemis walked over to Zeus and Hera, watching down on Ryker also.
​  "One day...he'll know why he's been searching in the stars. But for now, he must wait. He must meet an offspring of Ares, he must save my brother's life, and he must face the ultimate sacrifice. But, he will never know what it must be until he speaks with a god in person. So my fellow archers, or whatever you wish to be called, be prepared for the future."
​  As the gods and goddesse's dismissed, Artemis gave a final smile to Ryker.
​"Until the future...I'll be waiting. My son..."



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  • CreativeAngel

    Why can't i write like this??
    Fantastic work!
    The last part though what Artemis said, OMG

    almost 3 years ago
  • DolphinGirl006

    This is really good! I loved it because I like Clarisse, and it's really good. I'm seriously the biggest Percy Jackson/ Heroes of Olympus fan ever, so I was so happy when I found this! :)
    Peace, Evie ;)

    over 3 years ago
  • BlueWriter

    Ah, thank you :)

    over 3 years ago
  • Deleted User

    Wow, you've added a lot into the mix here. Good job. You have a few typos. You said Ryker had be in-claimed instead of unclaimed, and I think there was one other spelling one like that.

    over 3 years ago