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I'd love to hear the ways you interpret this sentence, and what you think of it!!


August 30, 2015

PROMPT: Six-Word Story

One million indentities, a single girl.


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  • AbigailSauble

    It's true that we often feel like we have to act differently around certain people. But we really don't have to. :) God loves us!
    God bless!

    over 1 year ago
  • engi_aek

    It's seriously so thought intriguing. This could be a start to a lot of stories. And I can really relate to this, and I think a lot of other girls can, too, because I've sometimes felt like at different times I was a different person because of how different I can be and I am. Maybe I am just different with different people, or maybe I am conflicted inside. I see lots of girls like that and you perfectly captured the emotion and the feeling. Or it could be the first line to a thriller concerning a scheme where this girl has lots of fake identities and passports! x

    over 3 years ago