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August 30, 2015


To whom who breaths the two airs,
You have traits that make all creatures jealous.
Your skin is slicker than silk. When attacked you shed your tail and be fine.
Can the monkey do that, or the tiger?
 No they cannot. Your only a part of a select few who possess this trait.
You can walk the lands or swim the seas.
Your permeable skin alone has an inherent pernicious touch.
 Its array of colors brings beauty to the world.
You have lungs, gills, and even can respire by skin.
 You are the largest of your class.
 You survived your big brothers passing on of the torch to you 66 million years ago.
So why not are you endangered?
For it is no fault of yourself.
Your trees have been murderously chopped down.
Your sacred waters poisoned.
Your very skin’s life force sucked away pathetically
On behave of my peoples to yours,
I wish to extend the olive branch.
For your peoples suffering is the fault of ours alone.
But be warned, I regret, this is only the beginning
For in due time our alliance shall grow tenuous.
Stand strong, have hope, dear Caudata.
For only, Salamanders and humans united can find the solution.
So why you are not remembered in the equation.
You are no more important than the kings of the jungle
Or the rulers of the sea. You are an integral part of nature.
For I fear none will mourn your passing from this
Earth. Is it because they are preoccupied mourning
Their own existence, or just indifferent to thee?
Most do not know of your existence. Even fewer
Know of your plight. Less have the willingness to care.
An even less minority have the ardent flamboyant
Of passion to act.
In time my species will see, before it is too late.
My species is story of magnificent accomplishments
And egregious failures. For now, Caudata
Stand strong, believe in your future, use your traits,
And have hope.


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